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List updater[edit]

In subsection A below, listed are articles which are missing from the Index of metaphysics articles. They were found by looking in the categories in subsection C. One can add more categories to be searched to subsection C, see some suggestions in subsection D.

All this process can be restarted by clicking on the link at the bottom of subsection E.

Please note that anything around here is editable, but please don't modify the lines of the form

<!-- bottag:X:begin -->

or their order.

A: Articles missing from the Index of metaphysics articles[edit]

B: Place here articles not wanted either in the Index of metaphysics articles or in subsection A.[edit]

C: Categories to be searched[edit]

The bot will look for potential additions to the Index of metaphysics articles in this list of categories. You may add any other categories to this list, for example from subsection D below. Use the format [[:Category:XXX]] (the colon (:) shows up twice!).

Category:Metaphysics Category:Metaphysicians Category:Metaphysical theories Category:Concepts in metaphysics Category:Metaphysics literature

D: Potential searchable categories[edit]

Move up to subsection C any categories which the bot should search for missing articles in the Index of metaphysics articles.

Category:Causality -- Category:Cosmology -- Category:Free will -- Category:Metaphysics Portal -- Category:Metaphysics portal -- Category:Metaphysics writers -- Category:Ontology -- Category:Philosophy of mind -- Category:Philosophy of time -- Category:Reality -- Category:Self -- Category:Teleology -- Category:Value -- Category:English metaphysicians -- Category:Immanuel Kant -- Category:Ontologists -- Category:Philosophers of cosmology -- Category:René Descartes -- Category:Coherentism -- Category:Dualism -- Category:Essentialism -- Category:Idealism -- Category:Materialism -- Category:Monism -- Category:Naturalism -- Category:Pluralism -- Category:Realism -- Category:Theories of mind -- Category:Theories of truth -- Category:Vitalism --

E: Articles in Index of metaphysics articles not in categories[edit]

May be redirects or articles which should be removed/categorized.

Space -- Reality -- Theoretical physics -- Gottfried Leibniz -- World (philosophy) -- Dualism -- World -- Philosophy -- Axiology --

Vladimir Antonov[edit]

Why is there a link to Vladimir Antonov here? The page is a disambiguation page pointing at two different people with that name: Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko and Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov. Neither of them seems to be related to metaphysics. Is there a third person with that name? I'm removing the link now since it seems to be misplaced. The link was added in 2010 by User:Gregbard. --Stefan2 (talk) 20:48, 27 November 2011 (UTC)