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I am placing this more detailed list here. If anybody want to finish it, feel free to do so.

Infanta of Portugal=[edit]

Picture Name Father Born Died Notes
[[|100px|center]] [[|]] [[]]  
[[|100px|center]] [[|]] [[]]  
Principe do Brazil D. Teodosio.jpg
Teodósio, Prince of Brazil John IV 8 February 1634 13 May 1653  
Alfons VI..jpg
Afonso, Prince of Brazil John IV 21 August 1643 12 September 1683 succeeded as King Afonso VI
Peter II of Portugal.jpg
Infante Peter, Duke of Beja John IV 26 April 1648 9 December 1706 succeeded as King Peter II
John, Prince of Brazil Peter II 30 August 1688 17 September 1688  
John V of Portugal Pompeo Batoni.jpg
John, Prince of Brazil Peter II 22 October 1689 31 July 1750 succeeded as King John V
Infante Francis, Duke of Beja Peter II 25 May 1691 21 July 1742  
Infante Anthony Peter II 15 March 1695 20 October 1757  
Infante Manuel, Count of Ourém Peter II 3 August 1697 3 August 1766  
Peter, Prince of Brazil John V 19 October 1712 29 October 1714  
Principe D. José Pierre Antoine Quillard.jpg
Joseph, Prince of Brazil John V 6 June 1714 24 February 1777 succeeded as King Joseph I
Infante Carlos John V 2 May 1716 30 March 1730  
Peter, Prince of Brazil John V 5 July 1717 25 May 1786 succeeded as King Peter III
Infante Alexandre John V 24 September 1723 2 August 1728  
D. José, Príncipe da Beira e do Brasil.jpg
José, Prince of Brazil Peter III 20 August 1761 11 September 1788  
Infante João Francisco Peter III 16 September 1763 10 October 1763  
Anônimo - Retrato de Dom João VI - século XVIII.jpg
John, Prince of Brazil Peter III 13 May 1767 10 March 1826 succeeded as John VI
Infante Pedro Carlos Infante Gabriel of Spain 18 June 1786 4 July 1812  
Infante Carlos Infante Gabriel of Spain 28 October 1788 9 November 1788  
Francisco Antônio Pio - Infante de Portugal.jpg
Francisco António, Prince of Beira John VI 21 March 1795 11 June 1801  
Anônimo - Retrato de Pedro I como Duque de Bragança.jpg
Pedro, Prince Royal of Portugal John VI 12 October 1798 24 September 1834 succeeded as Pedro I of Brazil & Pedro IV of Portugal
30- Rei D. Miguel - O Absoluto.jpg
Miguel, Duke of Braganza John VI 26 October 1802 14 November 1866 succeeded as Miguel I
Infante don Sebastián-Magués.jpg
Infante Sebastian Infante Pedro Carlos 4 November 1811 13 January 1875  
Miguel, Prince of Beira Pedro IV 6 March 1821 4 February 1822  
João Carlos, Prince of Beira Pedro IV 26 April 1820 26 April 1820  
Pedro V de Portugal.jpg
Pedro, Prince Royal of Portugal Maria II & Ferdinand II 16 September 1837 11 November 1861 succeeded as King Pedro V
Infante Luís, Duke of Porto and Viseu Maria II & Ferdinand II 31 October 1838 19 October 1889 succeeded as King Luís I
Infante John, Duke of Beja.jpg
Infante João, Duke of Beja Maria II & Ferdinand II 16 March 1842 27 December 1861  
Infante Ferdinand Maria II & Ferdinand II 23 July 1846 6 November 1861  
Infante Augusto, Duke of Coimbra.jpg
Infante Augustus, Duke of Coimbra Maria II & Ferdinand II 4 November 1847 26 September 1889  
Infante Leopoldo Maria II & Ferdinand II 7 May 1849 7 May 1849  
Miguel, Duke of Braganza.jpg
Miguel, Duke of Braganza Miguel 19 September 1853 11 October 1927  
Infante Eugénio Maria Maria II & Ferdinand II 15 November 1853 15 November 1853  
D. carlos 3.jpg
Carlos, Prince Royal of Portugal Luís I 28 September 1863 1 February 1908 succeeded as King Carlos I
Infante D. Afonso Duque do Porto - Filho D. Luis I 2.jpg
Afonso, Prince Royal of Portugal Luís I 31 July 1865 21 February 1920  
Prince Miguel of Braganza.jpg
Prince Miguel, Duke of Viseu Miguel, Duke of Braganza 22 September 1878 21 February 1923  
Francis Joseph of Braganza.jpg
Prince Francis Joseph of Braganza Miguel, Duke of Braganza 7 September 1879 15 June 1919  
SAR Luis Filipe.jpg
Luís Filipe, Prince Royal of Portugal Carlos I 21 March 1887 1 February 1908  
Infante D Manuel.jpg
Infante Manuel, Duke of Beja Carlos I 19 March 1889 2 July 1932 succeeded as King Manuel II
Duarte Nuno de Bragança.jpg
Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza Miguel, Duke of Braganza 23 September 1907 24 December 1976  
Duarte Pio of Bragança.jpg
Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza 15 May 1945  
Armas duque viseu.svg
Infante Miguel, Duke of Viseu Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza 3 December 1946  
Armas duques coimbra.svg
Infante Henrique, Duke of Coimbra Duarte Nuno, Duke of Braganza 6 November 1949  
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Beira (1734-1910).png
Afonso, Prince of Beira Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza 25 March 1996  
Infante Dinis, Duke of Porto Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza 25 November 1999  

Infanta of Portugal=[edit]

Picture Name Father Born Died Marriage Notes
Infanta Mafalda Afonso I 1148 1160 deceased unmarried
Infanta Urraca Afonso I 1151 16 October 1188 Ferdinand II
Infanta Sancha Afonso I 1153 1159 deceased unmarried
Infanta Theresa Afonso I 1157 6 May 1218 Philip I, Count of Flanders
Odo III, Duke of Burgundy
Infanta Theresa Sancho I 4 October 1178 18 June 1250 Alfonso IX of León
Infanta Sancha, Lady of Alenquer Sancho I 1182 13 March 1229 deceased unmarried
Infanta Constance Sancho I 1182 3 August 1202 deceased unmarried
Infanta Branca, Lady of Guadalajara Sancho I 1192 17 November 1240 deceased unmarried
Queen Berengaria.jpg
Infanta Berengaria Sancho I 14 December 1194 27 March 1221 Valdemar II of Denmark
014 Arouca.jpg
Infanta Mafalda Sancho I 1200 1 May 1256 Henry I of Castile
Eleanor of Portugal, Queen of Denmark.jpg
Innfanta Eleanor Afonso II 1211 28 August 1231 Valdemar the Young
Infanta Maria Ferdinand, Count of Flanders 1224 1236 deceased unmarried
Infanta Eleanor [[|]] 1244 ? unnamed "Prince of Dacia"
Sepulcro de Doña Blanca de Portugal, nieta de Alfonso X el Sabio, rey de Castilla y León.jpg
Infanta Branca, Viscountess of Huelgas Afonso III 25 February 1259 17 April 1321 deceased unmarried
Infanta Sancha Afonso III 2 February 1264 1302 deceased unmarried
Infanta Maria Afonso III 21 November 1264 6 June 1304 deceased unmarried
Infanta Constance Afonso III 1266 1271 deceased unmarried
Infanta Constance Denis I 3 January 1290 18 November 1313 Ferdinand IV of Castile
Infanta Maria of Portalegre Infante Afonso, Lord of Portalegre ? 1315 Fernando de Haro, sn de Ordono
Infanta Isabel, Lady of Pinella and Miranda Infante Afonso, Lord of Portalegre 1292 before 1367 Juan el Curvo de Castilla, sn de Biscaya, titular King of Leon
Infanta Constança of Portalegre Infante Afonso, Lord of Portalegre 1294 ? Gonzala Nunez de Lara
Infanta Beatriz of Portalegre Infante Afonso, Lord of Portalegre 1298 ? Pedro Fernández de Castro
Infanta Maria Afonso IV 9 February 1313 18 January 1357 Alfonso XI of Castile
Infanta Isabel Afonso IV 21 December 1324 11 July 1326 deceased unmarried
Infanta Eleanor Afonso IV 3 February 1328 29 October 1348 Peter IV of Aragon
[[|100px|center]] [[|]] [[|]] [[]]
Infanta D. Joana de Bragança.jpg
Joana, Princess of Beira John IV 18 September 1635 17 November 1653 deceased unmarried
Catherine of Braganza.jpg
Infanta Catherine John IV 25 November 1638 31 December 1705 Charles II of England
Maria Barbara de Braganza.jpg
Infanta Barbara John V 4 December 1711 27 August 1758 Ferdinand VI of Spain
Maria, Princess of Brazil Joseph I 17 December 1734 20 March 1816 Peter III of Portugal succeeded as Queen Maria I
Infanta Mariana Francisca Joseph I 7 October 1736 16 May 1813 deceased unmarried
Infanta Doroteia Joseph I 21 September 1739 14 January 1771 deceased unmarried
Princesa do Brazil D.jpg
Infanta Benedita Joseph I 25 July 1746 18 August 1829 José, Prince of Brazil
Infanta Mariana Victoria Maria I & Peter III 15 December 1768 2 November 1788 Infante Gabriel of Spain
Infanta Maria Clementina Maria I & Peter III 9 June 1774 27 June 1776 deceased unmarried
Infanta Maria Isabella Maria I & Peter III 23 December 1776 14 January 1777 deceased unmarried
Maria Teresa de Braganca.jpg
Teresa, Princess of Beira John VI 29 April 1793 17 January 1874 Infante Pedro Carlos
Maria Isabel of Braganza.jpg
Infanta Maria Isabel John VI 19 May 1797 26 December 1818 Ferdinand VII of Spain
M Francisca de Asis by de la Cruz.jpg
Infanta Maria Francisca John VI 22 April 1800 4 September 1834 Infante Carlos, Count of Molina
Isabel Maria de Bragança, regente de Portugal.jpg
Infanta Isabel Maria John VI 4 July 1801 22 April 1876 deceased unmarried
Maria da Assunção - Infanta de Portugal.jpg
Infanta Maria da Assunção John VI 25 June 1805 7 January 1834 deceased unmarried
Infanta Ana de Jesus Maria John VI 23 October 1806 22 June 1857 Nuno José Severo de Mendoça Rolim de Moura Barreto, 1st Duke of Loulé
Maria II Portugal 1829.jpg
Maria, Princess of Brazil Pedro IV 4 April 1819 15 November 1853 Auguste de Beauharnais, 2nd Duke of Leuchtenberg
Ferdinand II of Portugal
succeeded as Queen Maria II
Januaria de braganca.jpg
Infanta Januária Maria Pedro IV 11 March 1822 13 March 1901 Prince Louis, Count of Aquila ceased to be Infanta upon the establishment of Empire of Brazil
Infanta Maria Maria II & Ferdinand II 4 October 1840 4 October 1840 deceased unmarried
Infanta Maria Anna Maria II & Ferdinand II 21 August 1843 5 February 1884 George of Saxony
Antoniabraganca1845 1913.jpg
Infanta Antónia Maria II & Ferdinand II 17 February 1845 27 December 1913 Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern
Infanta Maria da Glória Maria II & Ferdinand II 3 February 1851 3 February 1851 deceased unmarried
Maria das Neves of Portugal.jpg
Infanta Maria das Neves Miguel I 5 August 1852 15 February 1941 Infante Alfonso Carlos, Duke of San Jaime
Maria Teresa Portugal Austria 1855 1944 photo1885.jpg
Infanta Maria Theresa Miguel I 24 August 1855 12 February 1944 Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
Duchess Maria Josefa in Bavaria.jpg
Infanta Maria Josepha Miguel I 19 March 1857 11 March 1943 Karl Theodor, Duke in Bavaria
Infanta Adelgundes, Duchess of Guimarães.JPG
Infanta Adelgundes, Duchess of Guimarães Miguel I 10 November 1858 15 April 1946 Prince Henry, Count of Bardi
Infanta Marie Anna Miguel I 13 July 1861 31 July 1942 William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
2nd wife of Robert, Duke of Parma.JPG
Infanta Maria Antonia Miguel I 28 November 1862 14 May 1959 Robert I, Duke of Parma
Infanta Maria Ana Maria II 14 December 1887 14 December 1887 deceased unmarried
[[|100px|center]] [[|]] [[|]] [[]]

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