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1983 Paperback cover[edit]

My Bantam New Age Books paperback edition is from 1983. The ISBN is 0-553-23433-1. On the cover is a photograph by H. Wendler of dark outer space populated with thousands of stars. Superimposed on this photograph is a crude drawing by Lauren Tresnon Klein. The drawing depicts a triangle which consists of eleven converging lines. The triangle probably represents a perspectival convergence to a distant point. Around the triangle is drawn a human male profile, very clumsily done. In my opinion, the drawing cheapens the book considerably. Several of the "cartoon" illustrations in the text are also very unskillfully executed. At the beginning of "Excursion I: The Transfinite Cardinals" is a photograph of a man who is supposed to be Georg Cantor. However, it is obviously not Cantor, but some unknown man. This error is inexcusable in a book published by a reputable press. I assume that the blame goes to Birkhäuser's editors.Lestrade (talk) 15:36, 28 February 2010 (UTC)Lestrade