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History section removed (again)[edit]

In 2009 the history section was removed (see here), and after initially restoring it, I removed it again (see here). I did find some clues:

  • The initial claim in the section "The roots of IBP date back to 1996 where Dr. Robert Whitehair, working at the University of Massachusetts, developed technology for capturing and exploiting expert knowledge..." seem to be a personal perspective. On his current linkedin page Robert Whitehair claims that he "has led research and development of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) since the 1980’s." Now it appears he was doing his PhD research probably under Keith S. Decker at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Massachusetts. He developed a "A framework for the analysis of sophisticated control in interpretation systems," which he published in 1993 co-authored with Victor R. Lesser, which was in search of "control architectures in AI systems," but didn't mention the the term "integrated business planning"
  • The second claim "Dr. Whitehair worked in close collaboration with several colleagues, including Professor Igor Budyachevsky of the Russian Academy of Science, to develop a technology now called COR (Constraint Oriented Reasoning)..." also seem to be out of place. They did file a 2012 patent together on a new "Enterprise System/Process Modeling System and Method," and this cooperation shall have its roots. It is however not confirmed by independent sources, that they had any influence on IBP development.

It seems for the best to start all over. A search for articles on the field, see here revealed that the concept itself didn't draw a lot of attention. There were only a handful of articles mentioning the topic in their title, which were cited in other sources. It might be questioned if this topic even meets the notability criteria. -- Mdd (talk) 09:55, 15 June 2015 (UTC)