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IPSS is here used as the name of the BPO service using Telenet machines to replace the initial Tymnet solution provided by Tymshare UK (the reason why the Bristish ccTLD is ".uk" and not ".gb").

  • the reason Telenet was selected is because Tymnet European Operation's Director Robert Trehin's flight from Paris to London was delayed. So, he was too late by 15 minutes to submit Tymnet's answer to the BPO RFP. IPSS was the only international service to use the Telenet technology, which operated X.25 and not X.75 for a long as required for international services.
  • further on "IPSS" was commonly used as standing for "International Packet Switch System" or "International Public Services System" to name the "International Public Network", also nicknamed "intlnet" among operators from the "intl" OnTyme mail service offered by Tymnet to all the public operators for common relations. In 1982, the SIAT, a non-profit created in 1978 with Tymnet to support the International Network operators mutual documentation, took the name of "Intlnet" it still wears.