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This page promotes a commercial interest: Vasolab, Inc.,, within its body and references.

IMT, for carotid, coronary and peripheral arteries is measured by many clinicians. I use it in my office, as a means of tracking atherosclerotic arterial disease status and response to treatment strategies. Using IVUS equipment, IMT (actually total arterial wall volume, a more inclusive measurement) has become the leading standard for detecting and tracking atherosclerotic disease in clinical trials of various treatment strategies, both at a basic science level and for evaluation of pharmaceutical agents prior to FDA [[1]] approval.

As far as I can tell, the company Vasolab, Inc.,, does not have any monopoly or particularly great claim to better quality, but they (or someone) are promoting them(selves) as being unique leaders by selectively referencing only themselves on this variant page discussing IMT.

In my view, a similarly titled page, which I started (having not found this page on Wikipedia) is more neutral.