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Isaac had a twin sister named Rebecca. He was the 4th boy among 8 children by his father Isaac the Elder's 2nd wife, Emma Teasdale Struble. Also he had four half-sibilings from his father's first marriage with Sarah Atkinson who died in 1832. With James Hammie Struble (an older full brother) Isaac S. formed his law partnership in Le Mars in 1872.

Isaac and Adelaide Ester (Stone) Struble (1846-1929) had children during the years 1875 and 1883. Their five children were Guy Treat Struble (1875-1949), Dwight Stone Struble (1877-1954), George Freeman Struble (1879-1956), Myrtle Adelaide Struble (1881-1911), and Isaac Irving Struble (1883-1955).


When Isaac Struble was first elected to Congress (1882), the principle of rotation in office retained considerable hold in public opinion. Throughout the 19th century average tenure in the House was only 4-1/4 years.

But the era of homesteading incumbents would soon begin. Struble's incoming class of freshmen Congressman (1883-85) was historic as the last class of first-termers to comprise a majority in the House of Representatives.

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