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Unless anybody complains in the next couple days, I'm going to merge this article into Jeffersonian democracy. --GHcool (talk) 01:29, 10 June 2010 (UTC)

According to [1] Google cache, Josef Hoëne "adopted the name Wronski around 1810 just after he married". Does anyone know why? Was it his wive's surname? Also, good job on this entry, I really enjoyed it. M123 03:26, 24 Aug 2003 (UTC)

I seem to remember reading something a while ago that claimed Wronski was of Jewish origin and was possibly an attempt to emphasize his Jewish heritage, but I'm unable to verify this or find where I read that, so haven't added it to the article. I'll see if I can find anything on this at my university library. --Delirium 04:11, Aug 25, 2003 (UTC)

Copyright issues?[edit]

Is this stolen from ?

They are identical, in any case.

No, I wrote this from scratch quite some time ago. --Delirium 03:14, Jun 8, 2005 (UTC)

What about when he started that religion and ripped off a bunch of people? Why isn't that in there? I heard that from a math professor at Emory.

If this is true, can you please provide a source? --DM