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Old post[edit]

If anyone could add to the details of Jack White`s death please do. I can find little on his death. Exiledone

the man's biography Misfit: A Revolutionary Life ISBN: 9781905225200 Publisher: Livewire Publications published 2005

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Ruling classes[edit]

The almost certainly apocryphal story of the incident at the battle of Doornkop would have nothing to do with "a dislike for the British ruling classes". If the story was true it would be an element in his dislike of the army. I have my doubts about the story as the shooting to reluctant soldiers is not something done in the British army, and there were no trenches or "going over the top" at Doornkop, where the advance was over open ground. (talk) 00:59, 29 March 2016 (UTC)