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Who is the Terrorist outfit?[edit]

The purpose of a wiki encyclopedia is to provide objective information and not to propagate any propaganda. The repeated use of the word "terrorist" or "terrorist outfit" is not only unqualified, but also incorrect. Jaish e Mohammed (to my knowledge) is strictly an Islamic militant group that ideologically grounds itself in the principles of Islamic Jihad. The purpose of this group is to primarily work towards the independence of Kashmir through military activity, and secondarily support other Muslim independence movements or the movements for the establishment of Islamic rule around the world. If its terrorist for some, its a freedom fighter for others. I don't see the expression "freedom fighter" repeated as many times as the expression "terrorist" in this article.

There is no mention of the undemocratic occupation of Kashmir by India, that has conducted numerous attrocities in that region for the last 60 years. Whereas Jaish e Mohammed engages Indian military elements, the Indian army has terrorized and harrassed Kashmiri civilians and militants alike. By any measure, the Indian government is a bigger terrorist than Jaish e Mohammed.

hmmm Then we should consider most nations including US & others to be terrorist nations. Just like you think numerous attoricites have happened, i can give you big list of what & why such things have happened and who is actually behind it, This argument will never end. so backoff. If you want to consider India as terrorist nation, then do so. everybody knows how many people this Jaish e Mohammed organisation has killed.