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Professor Fetzer's Rethink on 911[edit]

Dr Fetzer interviewed two researchers who propose the 'Hollow Towers' theory. That is the Theory that says the WTC were basically two empty Towers for the most part that were brought down by controlled demolition and were the sensational centre of a TV Spectacular that day in New York City full of TV special effects. After listening to the two researchers Dr Fetzer was silent for a moment then said 'what I find so disturbing about the facts you present is that I cannot refute any of them' . Which would mean, no Israel, no C.I.A. no Mossad, no President Bush, no FEMA involvement. And no deaths at the WTC. So all of Mr Fetzer's colourful stories of vast conspiracies involving the people and organisations he usually accuses seemed to fall apart in front of him. A similar comparison could be made of Dallas in 1963 were Dr Fetzer has built a vast conspiracy theory involving (here we go again) Israel, the C.I.A. Oil Tycoons and the Mossad. Like 911, Dallas is increasingly seen as a TV special, that time with men in Cowboy Hats, Gangster Suits and American Pressmen suits. Johnwrd (talk) 03:00, 7 January 2018 (UTC)