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How to Type the letter ö in Schöner ?[edit]

If you want to use "ö" instead of "o" in a Schöner, then use these keyboard stroke / keys :

Press "S", "c", "h". Then press ...

Alt + 0246 (it means, first press the "Alt" (Alternative/Alternate) key in your keyboard, and keep it pressing with your left hand, then press the digits 0 2 4 6 one by one, in the right-side numeric keypad).

Press "n", "e", "r".

Then you will get Schöner. To make it a linkable name (to goto his article,) use two third brackets at the beginning and end of the name, like this '''Johannes Schöner''', then you will get linkable Johannes Schöner.

If you want to link to his (English) article through URL, then use below code ...


You may also see Windows Alt keycodes for other letters or symbols.

~ Tarikash.


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