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John Abercrombie, the Jazz Guitarist, is not an historical figure who died more than a century ago. Please fix this link to not point to the other person of the same name.

I'll create an entry for the musician. He's certainly a major figure in jazz, and deserves an entry. Several of the pages linking to the current entry are referencing the musician. Moreover, Google yields far more results for the musician than for the physician. I'll probably move the physician's entry to a separate page.
But in the meantime, what's with the note about borrowing text? Is this permissible? It seems to me that it wouldn't be -- and in that case, the Scottish physician's entry needs to be rewritten entirely, or deleted. Cribcage 01:05, 6 Apr 2004 (UTC)


ABERCROMBIE, JOHN (1780-1844).--Physician and writer on mental science, _s._ of a minister, was _b._ at Aberdeen, and _ed._ at the Grammar School and Marischal College there. He studied medicine at Edinburgh, in which city he practised as a physician. He made valuable contributions to the literature of his profession, and _pub._ two works, _Enquiry Concerning the Intellectual Powers_ (1830) and _The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings_ (1833), which, though popular at the time of their publication, have long been superseded. For his services as a physician and philanthropist he received many marks of distinction, including the Rectorship of Marischal College

Here is the PD text from shor biographical dictionary of English literature. -- unsigned