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Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and???[edit]

In the article it states that it was called, Original Sanskrit texts on the origin and history of the people of India, their religion and institutions of which in:

  • 1858 the first volume of his Original Sanskrit Texts (2nd ed., 1868) was published
  • Second volume (1st ed., 1860; 2nd, 1871)
  • Third volume (1st ed., 1861; 2nd, 1868)
  • Volume four (1st ed., 1863; 2nd, 1873)

But then in the bibliography it states that it is called, "Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and Progress of the Religion and Institutions of India" in 1861 and published by Williams and Norgate.

I have also read that it is called, as you first state, "Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and History of the People of India", and part 1 was published by 'Oriental Publishers Delhi' in 1972, Mythical and Legendary Accounts of the Origin of Caste.

Please can someone confirm exactly what is right? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:01, 16 December 2013 (UTC)