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Topham's family & descendants?[edit]

The articles about Topham's photography, while all very nice, say nothing about his family life. Who inspired him and whom did he inspire? Apparently he was married. This is particularly relevant because there's another John Topham in British Columbia and who went to Liberia in 1976 to work and took thousands of pictures documenting the life there before the civil war four years later. These pictures are a rare record because owning a photograph could mark you as rich and endanger your life, so many people destroyed their photographs. Then, his sons were inspired to become photographers in their turn, so you have Jeff and Andrew Topham, photographers and filmmakers, as well. These could be descendants.

In addition, there's a John M. Topham who donated more than three hundred negatives on glass plates, portraying ordinary life, to the University of Rochester in 1974, the year after John Topham the English photographer died. The date is probably a coincidence, since the negatives were of photographs taken by the Garlock family in Palmyra, New York.

I keep finding these people as I try to find out more about John Topham of Sidcup, Kent. When we have enough information, they should be mentioned and distinguished from our subject. --Monado (talk) 04:30, 24 October 2012 (UTC)