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Birth name[edit]

I am correcting the phrase "At birth, he was named José María Jacobo Rafael Ramón Francisco Gabriel del Corazón de Jesús Gordon y Prendergast". This is just not so. At birth he was named José María Gordon Prendergast (using Spanish naming conventions, Gordon for his father's family name and Predergast for his mother). I have a copy of his birth record and the only given names are José María. The rest may be Christian names received at baptism but have no legal entity and he never used any of those names in all his life. They have no more entity than any other nicknames he may have used, in fact probably less so. Legally in Spain he was José María Gordon Prendergast and in the UK he was Joseph Maria Gordon. His Scots biographer Bulloch likes to note all those baptism names because it adds an exotic touch but, as I say, they are not real in any way. Those names were not legal, he never used them and he was never known by any of them. GS3 (talk) 21:25, 26 July 2016 (UTC)

Date of Birth[edit]

The birth registry in Jerez registers his birth as the 19th of March at 6 AM. I am changing the birth date to reflect this. GS3 (talk) 06:36, 27 July 2016 (UTC)