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I removed this paragraph:

At about this date, the Reverend John Clarke and Dr. G. K. Prince, members of the Baptist Missionary Society of London, stopped at the island of Fernando Po, en route to the Nigerian interior. Here the British had been permitted by the Spanish authorities to establish a naval station, from which to patroll the Gulf of Guinea to disrupt the transatlantic trade in humans enslaved in West Africa, and encourage trade in palm oil as an ethical alternative. This had attracted a Creole settlement at Fernando Po, populated by freed slaves and West African migrants, but lacking in a Christian presence and other facilities. Back in England, the two missionaries persuaded the BMS committee to help meet the local needs at Fernando Po and elsewhere in the Cameroons. This led, in 1842, to Thomas Sturgeon (1810-1846), being funded to go to Fernando Po from England, closely followed in 1843 by the African-Jamaican missionaries Joseph Merrick (1818-1849), Alexander Fuller (d. 1847), and his son Joseph Jackson Fuller (1825-1908). Alfred Saker (1814 - 1880) arrived the following year with his wife.

It's well written, sounds true, and probably belongs in the article . . . but no sources were cited. Can the original author please provide a source for where this information was taken? The rest of the article is careful to site its sources, so new additions should ideally follow suit. Thanks! — Dulcem (talk) 22:04, 17 January 2008 (UTC)