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Need and basis for expansion[edit]

The original article spoke only about Judenrats in Polish territory. I added USSR territory. Were they in other countries and did they differ? Mikkalai 16:16, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I think the Judenrats were much worse than this article suggests - it is quite sympathetic to them. Seen The Pianist?
They are really quite an important part of Holocaust history, there should be more to this article.
There were indeed Judenräte (Judenrats) in every country under Nazi occupation. The moral analyses of the actions of the different Judenräte are very complex and have been discussed for many years, following Raul Hilberg's seminal work "The Destruction of the European Jews;" it is way too difficult a subject to examine in this brief comment. In any case, a Hollywood film, full of historical fictions, would not be a source worth citing (I don't mean to be rude). But I do agree with the comment that there ought to be a significant article on the Judenrate, both their history and a bibliographical list on the moral questions. Unfortunately, this is an area of Holocaust history about which I do not feel qualified to write. A major work to start with is Isaiah Trunk's "Judenrat," which I believe to be the major work on this subject, as of this date. 21:05, 10 May 2006 (UTC) Allen Roth
Working within the Jewish History WikiProject, I noted Judenrat among the list of stub articles. After a preliminary edit (see the article's "History" page), I've marked it as "In use" while I work on an expanded version. This will be based on my translating the Hebrew Wikipedia article, which at 766 words (including the bulleted lists, not including the table) is by far the longest of the other half dozen foreign language versions. If you'd like to watch the article, you'll see when the expanded version's installed. I'll be sure to merge existing content, and shall list the newly expanded version for review by the Jewish History WikiProject team.
Deborahjay 10:49, 3 June 2006 (UTC)
NB: Reading the Hebrew article, I can see it needs some editing (as was requested on its Discussion page), which I've undertaken... so this will slow me down somewhat, but will eventually result in a better article in English. Deborahjay 12:08, 3 June 2006 (UTC)

Chaim Kaplan[edit]

His quote, while not controversial or objectionable in the least, is still extremely biased. It condemns, without exception, every last individual involved with the Judenrate, even though it appears two sentences after a mention of council members who worked with the Resistance. Kaplan wrote that from the hell on Earth that was the Warsaw ghetto in 1941. He died in the Holocaust and was probably never aware of the Judenrat members who fought the Nazis. I think it almost goes without saying that he would have somewhat changed his tone had he known how much some of these apparent appeasers really risked. SluggoOne (talk) 02:39, 17 April 2009 (UTC)

Edited troll statement[edit]

I removed a statement "given there were so many Jewish Rats this is a surprisingly condensed article." Adds nothing to the article. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Lord Phat (talkcontribs) 04:02, 7 September 2010 (UTC)