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Hi I hope someone can help me out there .I am trying to find a history of my g\friends father for her.He died several years ago.All she has of him now is his pic of him in his uniform of the US Army.He would never talk about his service in WW 2 but his pic shows a lapel pic on his uniform which looks like the scales of justice.Can you tell me if this is a JA G pin .I cannot tell .If you can help my e mail is Any info will be appreciated.

                             Thank you
                             J sullivan
Hi J sullivan. You might have more luck with this question at our Reference desk. --Commander Keane 23:45, 24 March 2006 (UTC)

Reserve and National Guard transfer regulations[edit]

I was just notified that a retention board for the National Guard in the state I serve in has voted not to retain me after 32 years of service. My real question here is, I have 90 days before they put me into the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve). I know that once I'm in the IRR I can't transfer back into any military unit, but they can pull me out if they want to deploy me again. Is there any place that restricts me from transfering to a Guard or Reserve unit in another state, before I'm actually put into the IRR? I'm only 49, I have no Flags, no black marks in my record, I'm MOS-Qd in multiple MOSs. I'm not ready to get out I just want to keep serving.

Any help would be great

SFC Adams Robert.e.adams (talk) 21:57, 13 April 2009 (UTC)