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Atlantic monthly, "gamer reaction" to Microsoft appointment[edit]

As I mentioned to OrangeMike on a Wikimedia mailing list, I think the coverage in her bio of the "gamer reaction" to her appointment over the Xbox unit at Microsoft may be giving it undue weight. It's a pretty short bio, and including this right now is a little overkill unless it develops into something that gets more significant coverage in other media. Nathan T 12:47, 15 July 2013 (UTC)

I agree and have removed it twice. There are barely any sources discussing it, even though plenty of sources discuss her appointment.--The Devil's Advocate tlk. cntrb. 17:19, 28 July 2013 (UTC)
It's hardly undue weight if it's the only significant thing that has happened since her very recent appointment to that post. Gamaliel (talk) 17:25, 28 July 2013 (UTC)
Except you have only a handful of sources talking about it relative to those discussing her appointment. Clearly it is not a very significant aspect of the appointment. I think it is quite absurd to not even mention the professional and expert reactions, yet devote so much attention to the ramblings of a few random nobodies on the Internet.--The Devil's Advocate tlk. cntrb. 22:40, 28 July 2013 (UTC)
You're welcome to add professional and expert reactions, I think it's an excellent idea. The point isn't to highlight "random nobodies on the Internet", the point is the reaction which is a reflection of widespread gamer misogyny, an issue that is getting more and more RS coverage. Gamaliel (talk) 23:29, 28 July 2013 (UTC)
Such an "invitation", when accompanied by reverts restoring the material, is akin to ordering me to make such edits now or let you have your way. An individual's bio isn't a place to draw attention to an alleged misogyny epidemic in the gaming community.--The Devil's Advocate tlk. cntrb. 23:46, 28 July 2013 (UTC)
Please remember WP:AGF. It wasn't an order, it was an invitation to edit collaboratively instead of revert warring. If you would like some assistance in finding sources for the content you suggested, I will gladly provide it. Gamaliel (talk) 00:04, 29 July 2013 (UTC)
Please remember that no one would appreciate such a smug, patronizing, and hypocritical response. A good way to get people to be collaborative is to not force your view on them under a guise of pretentious niceties.--The Devil's Advocate tlk. cntrb. 03:19, 29 July 2013 (UTC)
Well, that escalated quickly. Instead of AGF, I should have linked to WP:DICK. If you have anything new to add that is in a more constructive vein, please let me know on my user talk page. Thanks. Gamaliel (talk) 12:34, 29 July 2013 (UTC)