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Too Scholarly[edit]

The information on this page is too scholarly, and nearly unreadable. I've been trying to gradually clean it up, but it's still very difficult to read, especially since the paragraphs are overly long. I'm giving serious consideration to moving alot of it to a different page, and cleaning up those pages separately. DartmanX (talk) 04:27, 7 January 2009 (UTC)


This article's section on French involvement was clearly written by someone who is against French involvement in the Afghan war. So many instances of innuendo and opinion were present that not every instance of Point-of-View statements or requests for citations were tagged. Unsupported, blanket statements: "mirrored every other country's misadventures" Lopsided adjectives: "devastating" defeats, "shocking" ambush, scare quotes around the word "success," etc. all paint a one-sided picture.

It ought to be completely rewritten in a factual style consistent with Wikipedia guidelines. That doesn't mean the writer needs to change his or her opinion--it can contain unfavorable information, but it just needs to lay out the facts:

For example: France suffered X casualties after an engagement in Y place [cite]. The French public was outraged [cite]. Le Monde claimed that the French were struggling [cite]. New York Times suggested the alliance may be crumbling [cite].

But an article needs to show more than one viewpoint as well: "Yet the commander of French forces in Kapisa said "I think things have improved over the last year."[cite] And overall attacks were down 28 percent.[cite].

I checked and some of the citations were in the wrong place, or were from dodgy sources (a blog). Or contained nothing but allegation (the bribes story, which was Italy, not France, and directly refuted by the Italian commander.)

I give the benefit of the doubt, but a part was copied and pasted from the article which is provided as a reference: "Alasay is a strategic goldmine: it lies along a primary infiltration route into and out of Pakistan, it provides easy access to Kabul in an easily defensible primary valley (there are two other valleys in Alasay District..." It needs to be set in quotations and the source identified in running text. There may be other instances--I did not have time to check. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Kilbanem (talkcontribs) 11:10, 31 December 2012 (UTC)

Kohband District of Kapisa ولسوالی کوهبند ، کاپیسا[edit]

=== Heading text ===Kohband is one of the Kapisa's province district. Kohbnad has 30000 populations . It located in west of Kabul and est of Tagab. Its languge is Pashaey and Dari. Kohband has very beautiful place in the summer season , most of peoples are going to visit kohband in the summer and eat Mulberry with Dough {دوغ }. Kohband's peoples are brave and very hospitable . If we see deeply to the story of Kohband then we will acknowledge that Kohband people were had best past. Regard : Sayed Mujeeb Sadat Kohbandi163.47.162.142 (talk) 08:27, 26 September 2014 (UTC)