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Potential Sources[edit]

Katherine McCoy is a graphic designer who owns her own design business with her husband, Michael McCoy. Their business allows them to create 2D and 3D images. Their projects include interior design, graphic and signage design, design marketing and exhibition design. She is a very accomplished designer, however her wikipedia page does not reflect this very well. The page is lacking a photo, as well as a few simple biographical facts. The section early career is also lacking. It gives a brief introduction into what she has done, however her early career is what gave her the recognition she now has. She began her work in design at Unimark International and her beginning job titles are not mentioned. McCoy's career in design and design education is slightly small as well. She held the position of President and Fellow of the Industrial Designers of America, and is an elected member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. Although her position of President, Vice President, and Chairman of the Board for the American Center of Design is written, her many other positions are not. Through research, I have found that she has won many awards and taught at multiple schools. I would like to elaborate greatly on her awards and recognition throughout the years. Along with this, she has also been a part of many different types of design and typography. Many of the works she has created are also not mentioned. I would like to give more examples of her works, along with when and where they were designed. These are just a few examples of the changes I would like to make.

1. - This is the webpage for the Professional Association for design. Katherine McCoy has a bibliography on the page.

2. - This is Katherine McCoy's personal webpage for her business. She has written an autobiography on the page as well.

3. Lupton, Ellen, 'The Academy of Deconstructed Design', Eye magazine, London, vol 3, no 3, Spring 1991, pp. 44-63. - A magazine article written by Ellen Lupton, a fellow graphic designer, about Katherine McCoy's work.

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5. Walker Art Center, Graphic Design in America: A Visual Language History, Harry N. Abrams, New York, 1989, pp. 201-202, 229, 254. - A book that includes several excerpts about Katherine McCoy. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ellebrager (talkcontribs) 15:12, 20 October 2011 (UTC)

6. Aldersey-Williams, Hugh, 'The Mannerists of Microelectronics', Cranbrook Design: The New Discourse, Rizzoli International, New York 1990, pp. 22-26. - A small bibliography written on Katherine McCoy in the book.

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8. Slade, Roy, 'McCoy & McCoy Projects', Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills MI, 1983. - A museum based article on a few projects by Katherine and Michael McCoy — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ellebrager (talkcontribs) 14:43, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

9. Poyner, Rick, Katherine McCoy Interview: Rick Poyner, Eye magazine, London, vol 4, no 16, Spring 1995, pp. 10-16. - An interview in eye magazine with Katherine McCoy by Rick Poyner

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11. McCoy, Katherine, 'American Graphic Design Expression: The Evolution of American Typography', Design Quarterly 149, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990, pp. 3-22. - Written by Katherine McCoy, her theories and ideas on typography through the years.

12. The website for the Chrysler Design Institute, where Katherine McCoy began her work as a graphic designer.

13. - Industrial Designers Society of America website, where Katherine McCoy held many positions.

14. - Professional Association for Design website, an essay on Katherine McCoy's AIGA medal.

15. - Alliance Graphique Internationale website, biography on Katherine McCoy.

16. - Multiple essays written by Katherine McCoy.

17. Harper, Laurel. 'Radical Designs/Design Radicals' . 1999 - A book written about 40 graphic designers, Katherine McCoy included. Preface written by Katherine McCoy.

18. - Biography on Katherine McCoy by AIGA seed awards.

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20. McCoy, Katherine, 'Digital Graphic Education', Statements, The American Center for Design, vol. 5, issue 2, Spring 1990, p. 5. - Written by Katherine McCoy, statements and lessons on graphic design education. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ellebrager (talkcontribs) 16:35, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

Peer Review[edit]

Hi ellebrager, I want to inform you, i have only make a minor change on Katherine McCoy. I wasn't sure did you wrote the introduction. If you did, you need to cite it. In addition with the citation, I was a little confuse with your citation because it's not in MLA or APA format. Therefore, i didn't want to make a lot of changes on your page since everyone in the class is still working on it. Also are you going to add more section top on your page? If you are, may be you could add a gallery page.

Anonymous0123 (talk) 07:24, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

Peer review[edit]

I read your article & I think youre making great progress. I think it may be interesting if you brush up on some of Katherine McCoy's early life & also more on some of her later career. Also, if there are any awards/nominations, interesting facts, etc. I think it would be interesting to see on there as well.

Aking174 (talk) 14:10, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

Review of changes[edit]

I appreciate all the work you have done on this article -- fleshing out a lot of the information and expanding different aspects of the biography. Please be careful when citing text from other sources. There are quite a few places where text is used verbatim from external sources without significant paraphrasing or citation. You will want to paraphrase these sources more extensively or quote and cite them. Please see this article for some pointers: How to avoid inadvertent plagiarism. Hope that helps! Good luck on your project.

UnkleFester (talk) 08:57, 30 November 2011 (UTC)

Careful with copyvio and plagiarism[edit]

A certain amount of the wording from your article comes from her medalist essay. See for example this sentence: "Katherine and Michael required the students to read about both historical and contemporary design and theory in order to really understand the context in which each student was going to be entering" which is copied in full. I believe that you are trying to do the right thing here (e.g. not plagiarizing) but you need to do a better of job of it. You need to incorporate other sources besides the AIGA essay, and to put sources for each of your claims (e.g. each sentence) to cite where you learned it. So in this case, you would prove that you are not just rewriting the grammar of the sentences from that one AIGA essay, but are in fact combining facts and info from multiple sources!--Theredproject (talk) 22:24, 4 December 2011 (UTC)

I apologize for the plagiarism, it was unintentional. Everything is now fixed, paraphrased and cited. Ellebrager (talk) 03:34, 8 December 2011 (UTC)