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The Katipunan was a secret society founded by Andres Bonifacio with the objective of liberating the Philippines from the Spanish colonizers. Katipunan is actually a short version of the the name in Tagalog Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng̃ mg̃á Anak ng Bayan (translated as ' Supreme and Honorable Association of the Sons of the People/nation').The Katipunan was also known by its acronyms KKK which should not be confused with the Ku Klux Klan. The root word of the Katipunan is tipon which means to gather together. The Katipunan was founded after the detention of principal members of the 'La Liga Filipina' founded by Dr. Jose Rizal, of which Andres Bonifacio was a member.

Notable Katipuneros[edit]