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GA Review[edit]

This review is transcluded from Talk:Kevin Shields/GA1. The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the review.

Reviewer: Ugog Nizdast (talk · contribs) 11:22, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

Nominator: Idiotchalk (talk · contribs) 02:00, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

I will be reviewing this article. Picked this one up from the backlog...sorry that it's taken so long.

GA review – see WP:WIAGA for criteria

Article looks pretty good, doubt there is any significant hurdle for it to pass. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 11:22, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

  1. Is it reasonably well written?
    A. Prose is "clear and concise", without copyvios, or spelling and grammar errors:
    B. MoS compliance for lead, layout, words to watch, fiction, and lists:
    One issue
  2. Is it factually accurate and verifiable?
    A. Has an appropriate reference section:
    B. Citation to reliable sources where necessary:
    A few places
    C. No original research:
  3. Is it broad in its coverage?
    A. Major aspects:
    B. Focused:
  4. Is it neutral?
    Fair representation without bias:
  5. Is it stable?
    No edit wars, etc:
  6. Does it contain images to illustrate the topic?
    A. Images are tagged with their copyright status, and valid fair use rationales are provided for non-free content:
    B. Images are provided if possible and are relevant to the topic, and have suitable captions:
    1 minor suggestion
  7. Overall:
    Pass or Fail:
    On Hold


  • 6B: the caption of the image within the infobox does not specify the exact location.Green tickY -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 11:22, 20 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Section "Early life"
    • 1A This statement needs reformatting: "Aged four, he relocated with his family to Commack, Long Island, where he lived until he was aged ten."--merge the underlined and replace 'he and his family' with 'they'.
    • I didn't quite understand the quote where he refers to MTV not being in US, am I missing something here?
  • "Music career - 1979–1982: Early projects"
    • 1A This quotation seems a bit unnecessary: "placed by some 12-year-old kid called Mark".
    • "who were forming fictional groups around Dublin", again, is this some reference that I didn't get?
    • 1A/2B "your typical early [1980s], slightly funky Gang of Four type guy." quotation needs an inline citation or is it relevant? Can the sentence do without this mention?
  • "1983–1997: My Bloody Valentine"Green tickY
    • 2B "always sung in the rehearsal room ... and made up the melodies." needs an inline cite.
    • These two quotes need to be attributed: "developed some of the stunning guitar sounds that would become the band's trademark" and "worked off the template My Bloody Valentine established with [the album]" (maybe this one you can simply just state it without quoting)
    • Mcgee from Creation Records has not been introduced anywhere else, full name?
  • "1997–2006: Collaborations and Lost in Translation"Green tickY
    • 1A Can this sentence be simplified? "Shields has performed as a live musician with the Canadian contemporary dance company La La La Human Steps, contributing the song "2" to the 1995 performance of the same name, Gemma Hayes, The Charlatans and Spacemen 3, with whom he appeared at their 2010 reunion show." the last part seems to drag on, perhaps split it into another statement. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 17:40, 22 March 2014 (UTC)
  • "2007–present: My Bloody Valentine reunion"Green tickY
    • 1A "EP's 1988–1991—a collection of...the end of the year."--this long sentence can be potentially split up into three and replace the emdashes with commas for better clarity.
  • "Guitar sound"
    • 2B "Shields' guitar sound has been cited as one of the most recognisable aspects of My Bloody Valentine's music." needs a supporting inline
    • 1A "using texture more than technique to create vivid soundscapes", needs attribution as to who said it.
    • "Shields effects rig, which is composed largely of distortion, graphic equalisers and tone controls, consists of at least 30 effects pedals and connected to a large amount of amplifiers which are often set to maximum volume to increase sustain."--can this by simplified or split into two statements?
  • "Personal life"
    • 1A I don't think that adjectives "mild, extreme" for dyslexia and tinnitus are required, unless you have a valid reason?
    • 2B "come to treat the tinnitus as a friend. It filters unwanted sounds and actually protects my ears. It becomes your first line of defence against audible stress." quote needs a supporting inline citation. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 12:07, 24 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Lead
    • 1B I have a slight issue with mentioning "both of which pioneered a subgenre known as shoegazing" whereas in the rest of the article, it's only "It influenced a number of shoegazing bands..."--the article does not explicitly state he pioneered it but the lead does.
    • 1B/2B "...his meticulous production techniques"...a bit of peacock wording? On a related note, under "Influences", this needs a inline citation: "Shields' production techniques were influenced by a range of producers and artists."
    • I think the mention of Patti Smith can be trimmed down since it's repeated below, just mentioning "collaborated with her in so and so" is enough. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 19:06, 25 March 2014 (UTC)
    • 1B "to universal critical acclaim" is stated as a fact here but below it's attributed to Metacritic, suggest you remove it from the lead altogether.
    • Also "since been considered one of rock music's most influential guitarists" can be removed. The mention about him in those two respective lists is more important here.
    • This is not mentioned in the rest of the article: "including Billy Corgan and J Mascis, citing him as an influence".
  • Overall
    • Colm Ó Cíosóig being the drummer needs to be specified during the beginning of the article, also try to do the same for Butcher (guitarist right?).
    • The name 'Patrick' isn't explicitly mentioned, add it possibly to the first statement in "Early life" with a citation.
    • 2B "going from, as far as I was concerned, the modern world to some distant past." quotation needs a supporting reference.
    • Trivial quotes like "a handful of gigs" and "your typical early [1980s], slightly funky Gang of Four type guy" can be done away with.
    • 2B "He has said that Sony Music Entertainment...delay the release of EP's 1988–1991 (2012)" could do with an inline citation. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 20:28, 28 March 2014 (UTC)
    • One more thing for the lead, there seems to be a gap here: "Following My Bloody Valentine's dissolution in the late 1990s,"; this doesn't explain what exactly happened, then in the third para it finally continues about the production of his third album since that year. I think you should add the part about what caused the album to come to a standstill...about Creation Records financial problem...the band breaking up; the third para then explains the rest.

Okay review done, I'm placing this article On Hold. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 10:46, 5 April 2014 (UTC)

Considering the review been on hold for nearly a month without most of the concerns being fixed, I'm failing this as no consensus. Feel free to nominate the article again once all the issues are fixed. Secret account 14:16, 24 April 2014 (UTC)

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