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Relevance, correct location[edit]

I'd like to provide possible points for dicussion right away by myself and thereby contribute to the quality assurance process.

  • This Wiki may not be the right place - though I do not have any doubt about the relevance of the article.
  • I am unable to provide any source reference for the following reasons:
    • In principal its a concrete representation of an "online assessmenta" how it is commonly used within the IT (specifically of global players).
    • The specific form (combination of knowledge assessment with knowledge transfer) has proved its efficiency and efficacy in concrete implementations.
    • The implementation has been done with Hot Potatoes, a very simple product with a very low proce and also with datango (, a high sophisticated e-Learning tool.
    • The approach has been used by more than 40 individuals with a positve feedback. Many of them performed the assessment sveral times to reach not only the required but 100% result. This may had been the fact due to individual ambitions. However, there is evidence that the ease the result could be reached has triggered the ambition.

To my humble oppinion the summ of positive experience makes it worth to have the approach published. For someone providing a "normal" online assessment it is comparibly easy to turn it into a Knowledge Transferring Assessment. For sure ther's much mor in Wikipedia of less relevance. However ...

Warbe (talk) 14:40, 11 June 2010 (UTC)