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The Krell dorrway was wider at Top than bottom, an inverted trapezoid; suggesting a big head. Not "girth".If I had a link to this scene in the movie, I'd post it. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:00, 26 January 2012 (UTC)

Physical Nature of the Krell[edit]

There are actually many clues as to the physical nature of the Krell.

1) Stairs — divided at the entrance to the lab but not the 3 steps down into the lab itself or over the small bridge between the doorway and the lab interior. The "rise over the run", and the width of the stairs and the width of the ramp between the exterior stairs give the gait.

2) Audio range — the Krell music gives a clue as to the range of hearing.

3) The music player in Dr. Morbius' study give the size of the digits for handling smaller objects while the size of the controls of both the "plastic" (original script reads "plasmic") educator and the library console give the sizes of both average objects and slightly larger objects.

4) The colors used in the lab and on the screens of the library console and at the view screen of the power monitor chamber give a visual spectrum.

5) Archways — there are 3 seen in the movie: The "characteristic arch" (a square on its points with the bottom 1/3 removed); the wide rectangle seen in the shaft entrance and entrance to power monitor chamber (different sizes and proportions); and the ovoid circle entrance to the shuttle car.

6) The chairs seen at the educator and library console have a split back rest. The shapes of the seats of the chairs and those of the shuttle car interior set are slightly different. The height of the seats and the height of the consoles give a perspective on the physical size of the Krell.

7) Writing — Possible writing implement (the "pen" that Doc Ostrow handles while looking at the "paper" with the Krell writing in Dr. Morbius study) gives a perspective of the grasping ability and form of the Krell "hand". The writing at the blackboard. the "paper" and on the library screen give a partial set of the Krell alphabet, numbers and mathematical symbols which in turn gives a clue as to the meme-set of the psychology of the Krell.

There are many others that can be discovered. (Such as the width of the Krell face and skull plus the "flatness" of the face from the educator's head-piece.)

Sources: There are many stills available on the internet. If someone would guide me on how to post them I would do so and insert the proper fair-use statement.

Robert Earl Day PhD, DSc, DLitt, LLD (Hon) Robert Earl Day (talk) 06:30, 5 December 2012 (UTC)

Popular Culture[edit]

Why is the Krell Institute called out here and none of the other companies or groups that use "Krell" in their names? This is not necessarily evidence of pop culture's awareness of Krell. (konetidy (talk) 21:14, 5 August 2013 (UTC))