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Mordern Communities should be added in this page[edit]

Like the Brahmins and Vaishyas, state wide Kshatriya castes or list of modern castes of Kshatriyas should be added in this page.Government of India listed Kshatriya castes like Rajput,Rajus etc. should be mentioned in this page.The Government listed Kshatriya Castes as stated by K.S.Singh(1935-2006),Director General of Anthropological Survey of India were totally 8 castes.They were as follows: 1.Rajput. 2.Kshatriya or Raju or Kshatriya Raju(Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu & Karnataka). 3.Somavamsi Kshatriya/bhatraju (Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu & Karnataka). 4.Raghuvamsi Kshatriya(Karnataka). 5.Kshatriya(Kerala). 6.Koteyar(Tamil nadu,Karnataka). 7.Dhal Kshatriya(Bihar). 8.Aguri(West Bengal). 9.Kshatriya(Orissa & Assam).In all,total 9 communities were listed as Kshatriya Castes by Government of India by the help of Anthropological Survey of India.It was also mentioned in the book "India's Communities" by K.S.Singh,Vol-V,p.1853.You can see this in the following link as follows :

Bearing arms[edit]

I've just removed a claim that only the kshatriya could bear arms. Brahmins, such as the Chitpavan did this, and so too did Shudras, such as the Nair. The source may be otherwise reliable but it is generalising far too much on this point. - Sitush (talk) 05:40, 10 June 2015 (UTC)

Kshatriya = Rajput[edit]

I have reverted this. That Rajputs are Kshatriya is not the same as saying all Kshatriya are Rajput. - Sitush (talk) 11:02, 25 January 2017 (UTC)

Khatri / Kshatriya[edit]

Hello. Ref to statement in intro - The Prakrit derivative of Kshatriya is "Khatri" - citing Hari Singh Nalwa, from the book "Champion of the Khalsaji". Pls check if source is acceptable / dubious. In Yagnavalkya Smriti (Ksatri) and in Manu Smriti (kṣattri / kshattri) are pratiloma progeny of Shudra fathers begotten upon Kshatriya mothers, also mentioned in a book on Khatris which seeks to distinguish between the Pali Khattiya and the Hindi word Khatri to (eventually somehow) place Khatri in the Kshatriya varna.

Inheritance cases of Khatris are argued in the "Hindu Law: as interpreted, Vol 2, 1913" (for chadar andazi see p.199). However, the classification into Kshatriyas is contentious. In the Census of India 1901 (p.101) and in the Bengal Census Report 1881, the Khatri were enumerated into Merchant classes. They revolted in the context of the Punjab Land Alienation Bill. If placed in Vaishya varna, they would be debarred from investing in land (See Platenkamp, Godina, van Bremen, p.198 - 201).

Due to the circumstance of the bill and commotion, Risley asked his enumerators to classify Khatris into Kshatriya. Platenkamp., et al, size up the issue when they argue that the census report of 1901 "emphasized the complex, heterogeneous, and fluid character of caste organization". They put forth their view that the census was "a deliberate attempt by means of the census representation to heterogenize and individualize what had until then been homogenized and collectivized".

There are several books which mention Khatris are Kshatriyas. However, owing to the collective revolt scenario, inability of the British in managing a situation emerging into civil outbreak, their classification into Kshatriyas remains a result of social pressure. The claim of Khatri being a Prakrit derivative of Kshatriya is recent and unattested in medieval scriptures / literature. Suggest deletion of the statement from the article. Thanks.--Anon=us (talk) 18:59, 23 March 2017 (UTC)anon=us (talk) 07:21, 23 November 2017 (UTC) Why Yadavas are not mentioned here?? Kshatriyas without Lord Krishna's Lineage? Impossible!!![edit] (talk) 07:21, 23 November 2017 (UTC) The lineage of Lord Krushna Yadava is not even mentioned in the Kshatriya page is the biggest insult to us Kshatriyas.

You want the proof of Yadavas are kshatriya or not? here's the link to the book for reference.

And heres the page where Yadavas are mentioned as Kshatriya.

Now add them to this page... Really why yadavas not including in Kshatriyas?