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Regarding the claim that LM Glasfiber is the "leading" manufacturer of wind turbine blades, LM has produced globally 1 in every 3 blades in service today, and has the largest global MFG footprint. I think that substantiates the claim "leading" -- they lead the world on number of blades produced.— Preceding unsigned comment added by Centuri0n (talkcontribs)

Rename article[edit]

The company has changed its name to LM Wind Power :{62BDD3B0-245F-4440-B96F-FBF1AF071239}&y=2010 The article already reflects this partially. The article should change title, and the current "LM Glasfiber" should redirect to the new. TGCP (talk) 16:49, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Seeking guidance to improve the accuracy of this page[edit]

Hello, I am hoping to receive some guidance on updating the LM Wind Power Wikipedia page to reflect accurate facts about the company. My name is Katelyn Huber, and I’ve been updating the LM Wind Power page as “windcomms” for a couple years when our latest annual report comes out, or as other facts become outdated. Recently my account was shut down and all my past edits were removed, as someone saw that I was the most frequent contributor to the page and likely affiliated with the company. I’m very sorry for this mistake – I am in fact an employee for LM Wind Power’s communications department, and was unaware that this prohibits me from updating the page. My interest is only that the page is accurate, and I hope that my edits over the past years can attest to that.

I understand that I cannot continue to update the page myself in this way, so I was hoping someone could assist me in updating the page to current facts? Right now, the LM Wind Power page shows data from 2010 and incorrect ownership (Doughty Hanson sold the company to GE Renewable Energy this year). The current logo has also been removed from the page.

I found this link to an old revision of the page, which accurately reflects the most recent annual report and ownership facts.

Is there a way that these revisions could be reinstated? I would appreciate your guidance on how to proceed, to help ensure Wikipedia offers accurate, up-to-date information to visitors to the page. Thank you for your guidance! Katelynahuber (talk) 07:28, 9 June 2017 (UTC)