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This page was nominated for deletion due to concern: "no evidence that it meets the notability criteria for science projects". I decided to cancel the nomination due to the fact that I believe the notability criteria to be fulfilled. After all, the laboratory described by the article is supposed to be the biggest of its kind in the world and it should represent a ground-breaking advancement in neutrino and particle physics, making it a notable scientific laboratory in the field; there are not that many laboratories in the world that are in the same category as this laboratory, making it notable enough a scientific venture. And it is also worth noting that the laboratory described represents also a public project worth hundreds of millions (400-800 million euros is the price-range mentioned), so I think that also makes it a major enough project for Wikipedia (there are not so many scientific project that have budgets that big). I admit that since as of now 2011 the project is just on the desing-phase, and if not implemented in reality then its notability might be questionable; but if we bona fide believe that something comes out of this project, then I believe that the notability criteria is met (after all, there are a lot of pages about things of lesser importance in Wikipedia, like pages about rock albums by bands no-one has ever heard). And I would also like to note that similar pages already exist in Wikipedia, like India-based Neutrino Observatory and Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, and if the notability of these pages is found to be adequate, then this page's notability (being quite similar to the above mentioned pages) should be in order. — Preceding unsigned comment added by User:El Roih (talkcontribs)