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Larian Studios
Category: Video game companies
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 1996
Headquarters Gent, Belgium
Key people
Swen Vincke (founder)
Products L.E.D. Wars, Ket-Net Kick, Ket-Net Kick2, Monkey Labs, Monkey Tales Games, Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity II: Ego Draconis, Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, Dragon Commander

Larian Studios is a Belgian game developer founded in 1996[1] by Swen Vincke. The company has primarily focused on developing RPGs and educational games, and previously made a real time strategy game[2] and a number of casino games.[3][4] Currently Larian is developing a game mixing strategy, real time combat and RPG aspects, as well as an unannounced RPG.

Company Info/Trivia

Larian Studios' name was derived from the founder's dog, Pilar.[5]

Swen Vincke has a blog[6] which provides a perspective on what's happening inside Larian Studios, as well as independent game development in general.

Development History[edit]

Core games[edit]

Larian's first project was a PC RPG called LMK (The Lady, the Mage and the Knight). However, without a proven track record they were unable to gain the support of any publishers.[7] In order to rectify this, L.E.D. Wars (a PC strategy game) was developed within 5 months and published by Ionos in 1997.[8] As a result, LMK soon evolved into a collaborative project between Larian Studios and Attic Entertainment Software[9]. Due to various problems between the two development studios and its publisher, the project was abandoned in 1999.[10]

In 2002, Larian completed work on the PC RPG Divinity: Sword of Lies which was then published under the name Divine Divinity by CDV.[11] In 2004, Beyond Divinity (PC RPG sequel to Divine Divinity) was published in 2 editions: the standard version by Ubisoft Entertainment GmbH[12] and the deluxe version by MediaMix Benelux which contained Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and a novella by Rhianna Pratchett called "Son of Chaos".[13] Several retailers in North America also carried versions of Beyond Divinity which included either a copy of Divine Divinity or the novella.[14] In 2006, Beyond Divinity was re-released under Gold Games 9 by Ubisoft Entertainment SA, which was a set of 10 games on 6 DVDs.[15]

In January 2010, Larian released Divinity II : Ego Draconis, the sequel to Divine Divinity, to the US market simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PC,[16] after releases in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia and Benelux. In November of that year Larian released the add-on Divinity II : Flames Of Vengeance as a digital download on PC. At the same time a remastered version of Ego Draconis together with the add-on was released on PC and Xbox 360 in Europe as Divinity II : The Dragon Knight Saga; the North American release was in April of 2011. There was no retail PC release of The Dragon Knight Saga in the US[17] or initially in the UK[18] (Mastertronic released a PC DVD version[19] on Jan 6th, 2012[20]).

Currently Larian is working on Dragon Commander, a Strategy / RPG / Action game expected to be released in late 2012.[21] Though few details have been revealed, an RPG is being developed, code named Project E.[22]

Educational Games[edit]

In 2004 a PC educational game (and the first PC2TV game ever created) KetnetKick was developed for Ketnet and released by Transposia.[23]

In March 2008, Adventure Rock,[24] an online virtual world was completed and released on PC. This was later followed by the release of KetnetKick 2 in Oct 2008 by VRT, the national broadcaster in Belgium. In March 2009, GulliLand[25] was published on PC by Jeunesse TV, a French national broadcasting channel.

Released in September 2009, Monkey Labs was a 3D PC game designed to help teach math skills to students 7-14 years old, with an intriguing story that unfolded as the player competed with in-game characters to solve various challenges. The game used a learning engine which adapted to each student's skill level, and was bundled with math textbooks from Die Keure in Belgium.[26]

In September 2011 Larian released English versions of Monkey Tales Games[27], previously only available in Belgium. This award winning[28] series of educational games helps children in grades 2 to 6 develop their math skills using a variety of 3D puzzles and mini games which adapt their difficulty in response to the player's ability. Monkey Tales is available on PC, with a Mac version in development.[29]

Games List[edit]

75px|alt=Larian Studios logo|Larian Studios logo Core Games
Development started Published Platform Genre Publisher(s)
L.E.D. Wars 1997 1997 PC RTS Ionos
LMK (The Lady, the Mage and
  the Knight)
1997 placed on
hold 1999
PC RPG was to be Attic Entertainment Software
Divine Divinity 1999 2002 PC RPG CDV, Snowball Studios
Beyond Divinity 2002 2004 PC RPG HIP Interactive, UbiSoft, Focus Home Entertainment
Divinity II: Ego Draconis 2006 2010 PC, Xbox 360 RPG dtp, CDV, Snowball Studios, Cenega
Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance 2010 2010 PC RPG dtp
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga 2010 2010 PC, Xbox 360 RPG dtp, Focus, self-published, Snowball Studios, Ubisoft Poland
Dragon Commander 2010 { late 2012 } PC,
console TBA
RPG, Action
self-published, distributors: CD Projekt (PL), 1C-SoftClub (RU)
Project E 2010 { 2013? } TBA RPG self-published, distributors: TBA

75px|alt=Larian Studios logo for Educational Games|Larian Studios logo, Educational Games Educational Games
Development started Published Platform Publisher(s)
Ketnet Kick 2003 2004 PC VRT (Belgium's national broadcasting channel)
Adventure Rock 2007 2008 PC CBBC (UK's national broadcasting channel)
Ketnet Kick 2 2007 2008 PC VRT (Belgium's national broadcasting channel)
GulliLand 2008 2009 PC Jeunesse TV (French national broadcasting channel - Children's section)
Monkey Labs 2008 2009 PC bundled with math textbooks distributed by Die Keure in Belgium
Monkey Tales Games 2009 2011 PC (Mac version
to be released)
self published


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