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Please merge the article[edit]

I created the "Pop Latino" article here in Wikipedia. I later then discovered the "Latin Pop" article here and this is basically what Pop Latino is. "Pop Latino" is another name for Latin pop. So please merge this article.

I agree. Besides "Pop Latino" is grammatically incorrect in English! (Adj + Subs).

I strongly disagree. maybe in USA "latin" is used as synomym of "latino", "latinoamerican" or "hispanic". But these words are not synonyms. Latin reffers to romance languages, so latin pop is not limited to latino-american pop, but include Italian, Portuguese, French ans Spanish pop. On the other hand, "latino", even if in spanish it means "latin", it it used commonly as a contraction of "latino-american". So, the meanning of "latino pop" and "latin pop" is very different. We can also add that this article should not put an emphasis only on Spanish-speaking music. Spanish is only one of the latin languages, and the fact that Spanish-speaking pop has more exposure in the US doesn't mean that French, Italian and Portuguese speaking pop should be put appart. Don't forget that English wikipedia, as long as English is said to be the international language, should explain the international meanings, not only a US-centred point of view.

To be more accurate this article should be renamed to :

- "latino pop", if the objective is to name only latinoamerican music (excluding latin European one)- In this case it should remove the Spanish (from Spain) seccion, and Also the Italian seccion. But it could tell a little more about Portuguese speaking pop from Brazil (which is part of latin America)

- "hispanic pop", if the objective is to speak only about spanish-speaking pop (excluing Brazilian, Italian, French pop), but including Spanish (from Spain) one.


- Keeping the name "latin pop". and in this case changing the definition, which could not be limited to Hispano-american pop, but also should include Portuguese-speaking pop, French speaking popo and Italian-speaking pop.

OKAY HERES my view of latin pop. Quoting from this article: "although this classification does not include the Portuguese" what did you meant by this? Latin pop refers to all latin countries, regardless, whether it is in Europe (such as Italy, Spain, PORTUGAL, Romania, France, etc..) or in Latin America, as long as it has a pop rhythm created by a latin country/artist, it would be considered 'latin pop' whether it has a mix of other music styles it does not matter, it would still be considered as latin music. Now, in my view latino pop is no different from latin pop, the only difference is that its just in the language of Spanish or coming from Latin America but as long as it has the latin pop rhythm it would be considered as latin pop. - Bryant Nieto

Los Locos[edit]

I added the group Los Locos to the Italian list as they have been very popular in Italy as well as internationally, especially with their hit singles La Macarena and Tic Tic Tac. I think they should have their own article on Wikipedia. Any comments or suggestions?--jeanne (talk) 13:50, 14 January 2009 (UTC)


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