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Are Lego sculptures copyrighted as art?[edit]

copyrighted sculptures?

I am asking here about the copyright of Lego sculptures because I know there is a community of interested contributors here.

At Commons:Commons:Toys there is guidance that toys are typically copyrighted. Individual Lego blocks are probably not copyrightable due to being simple geometric shapes. Lego sculptures are more complicated and might approach being art.

At Commons:Category:Lego there are many images of Lego sculptures. Does anyone know anything about the copyright of these sculptures? Is anyone aware of previous discussion about this anywhere? Is there anyone here who is willing to speak up and say, "Yes, these Lego creations are copyrighted as sculpture and art by the person who created them because..." or "No, these are not images of copyrighted art because..."? So far as I have seen, this issue has not been raised either here or English Wikipedia or on Wikimedia Commons concerning Lego or other building sets. Blue Rasberry (talk) 19:25, 11 April 2016 (UTC)

The place for this discussion probably should be Commons:Category_talk:Lego, but I think for now, it might be best to have a discussion here in English Wikipedia because the most active community of Lego content contributors seems to be here. Blue Rasberry (talk) 19:27, 11 April 2016 (UTC)

Semi-protected edit request on 26 May 2016[edit]

Please change [lɑjˀɡ̊oːˀ] to [leːɡ̊oˀ] for the "Danish pronunciation" in the very first line. Because, while it is true that Lego is derived from "leg godt" (as stated in the article) which contracted into Lego would be pronounced as [lɑjˀɡ̊oːˀ], not a single Danish person would ever pronounce it as such. It is a pronunciation which would only ever occur to people who know of this origin of Lego's name, and it is far from all Danes who know this (my guess is because it really isn't a very interesting factoid :D ). It has always been pronounced as [leːɡ̊oˀ] in Denmark. LightOrNot (talk) 23:15, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

Edit below:
Danish Lego video ad:
Don't know if you get the Danish commercial if you visit it from a foreign IP. If you get a commercial in another language then there are these youtube links to other Lego commercials (which are from private channels, but should be unedited videos):
LightOrNot (talk) 23:14, 31 May 2016 (UTC)
Red information icon with gradient background.svg Not done: please provide reliable sources that support the change you want to be made. --Cameron11598 (Talk) 21:59, 29 May 2016 (UTC)
I reactivated this request by setting answered=no after linking to several sources, and it was turned back to "yes" without any changes.
Am I to gather from this that the Danish marketing department of Lego isn't considered a reliable source for the Danish pronunciation of Lego?
Or perhaps the person who reset the answered=yes didn't actually read what had been updated?
LightOrNot (talk) 16:04, 8 June 2016 (UTC)
The problem is that the sources you cited are not reliable. I.e. Lego's website itself is primary-only, which means that a) they can make mistakes and b) claim anything they want without any doubt. Therefore it is generally not accepted to change secondary-confirmed statements with primary once.
Furthermore, the two YouTube links you are are self-published sources, why reach for the same issues as primary sources, just with even less reliability.
On top of that all, you only linked commercials where someone pronounces the name (of couse in Danish, but regardless) you cannot hear IPA the way it is generally known, I would not disagree with you, however, we need a reliable source to support this way of spelling it IPA-wise. Please look for such sources and comment below if you find any, and please do not forget to add colons in front of your message, as it will be the sixth in this conversation, add five colons – ::::: – to inline it. Lordtobi () 16:15, 8 June 2016 (UTC)
Surely you realize the problem with finding a reliable source of the written pronunciation for something which 6 million Danes just accept as a fact of reality. And come now, there is no way that the wrong pronunciation stems from a confirmed reliable secondary source. I realize that this has thus become a case of "both sources are equally unreliable, thus the system says that a change shouldn't be made (to an article believed to be more or less accurate) based on the newest unreliable source".
Well, whatever. Such a reliable source will never appear unless someone truly has too much time on his hands, so the error will remain in perpetuity.
I discussed quite seriously with myself if I should even post this last update. You will have to forgive me for updating this edit request without bringing anything new to the table. I realize that what I have written in this last update is not really useful, and therefore updating answered=no probably stems from a selfish desire to have my opinion read by at least one person.
Sorry for wasting your time. LightOrNot (talk) 21:39, 8 June 2016 (UTC)
@LightOrNot: Read the request, looked through the Danish Wikipedia on Lego-related articles. I couldn't find a pronunciation given. — Andy W. (talk ·ctb) 23:49, 8 June 2016 (UTC)
In 2014, no pronuncation was on the article. In January 2015, the pronuncation given was not Danish. It disappeared around May 2016 around here. It was added only 4 revisions ago with this diff by Sigehelmus, who may offer input. — Andy W. (talk ·ctb) 23:56, 8 June 2016 (UTC)

Semi-protected edit request on 5 July 2016[edit]

Please change when ever there is written "Lego" to "LEGO". "Lego" is not a word or brand, but "LEGO" is. Thank you.

Nicolasjn (talk) 06:42, 5 July 2016 (UTC)

X mark.svg Not done that would contravene Wikipedia:Naming conventions (capitalization) - Arjayay (talk) 06:58, 5 July 2016 (UTC)