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I fail to see what is the significance of Princess Leila to qualify her to be listed in a list of noteworthy Iranians. If just being born into a royal family qualifies her, I can think of many more candidates.

She did not have any notable accomplishments in her short life, and she definitely did not do anything in her life time for Iran to be worthy of credit. Also, she died of drug overdose in a London luxury hotel room, but we don't need to mention something like that in the article since she is passed.

I suggest we delete this entry, and all other entries where the person lacks significance; otherwise soon we will have a long long list of firvolous characters such as every random Iranian pop music singers from Los Angeles, next to names like Cyrus the Great and Khawrazmi and Avicenna. --Keyvan.

That's an issue for the list categorization, not for what pages exist. There is no harm in including such pages in the encyclopedia; just because you don't find it interesting doesn't mean that someone else won't. --Brion 02:32 Mar 17, 2003 (UTC)

I removed the part that said "it is speculated that she died of drug overdose" because even if it is true, it is not necessary to include that in the article, as she is passed away and this bit of information is not in good taste. Furthermore, it is a speculation anyway. --Keyvan.

I disagree, it is NOT in bad taste. But if the speculation is allowed to remain, which I recommend, at least indicate WHO is speculating. -- Zoe

Hi Zoe. I remember the news of her passing. There was never any explicit mentioning of drug overdose playing a role in her untimely death, and the family certainly never acknowledged any such information. However, for many people it has been a matter of putting 2 and 2 together and arriving at 4. My understanding is that it is sheer speculation but a plausible one. --Keyvan.