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Is Maurice Richard really acadian? Sources needed for this statement!

>Agreed, if none are provided I might go ahead an delete it, seems iffy not least because he was from Montreal, I'm not saying there aren't Acadians from Montreal, but considering I haven't known many Acadians with the "Richard" surname I'd be more convinced if he was from N.B. or N.S.

And what about Beliveau? Does he identify himself as Acadian? He's from Trois-Rivieres but Beliveau is certainly an Acadian name.

The answers to these questions depend on how we're defining Acadians. Both Maurice Richard and Beliveau have Acadian ancestry, regardless of where they live, just as I have Acadian ancestry, and live in Winnipeg. Richard is definitely an Acadian name. The Rocket is descended from Michel Richard, one of the early Acadian settlers. Spock of Vulcan (talk) 21:12, 10 November 2011 (UTC)