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Episode summaries[edit]

In case anyone wants to enter recaps of the episodes: you just need to copy it from here. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:39, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

No, I'm pretty sure just copying the summaries on would be a copyvio. —Dinoguy1000 20:38, 8 September 2008 (UTC)
Not pretty sure, defiantly. Pages have had histories deleted because of that and had to start way back.Jinnai 17:33, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

I'll write the episode summaries. Just got the whole season from a friend. This will probably take at least 1 week to finish. Extremepro (talk) 12:29, 31 May 2009 (UTC)


Yes, I know, that's not exactly a summary. Consider it raw dough to fashion nice pastries from. ;) In other words, take what you need, and delete/archive the rest when done. Regards, Paradoctor (talk) 17:23, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

Child High School Student[edit]

  • Bird's-eye view of residential area
  • clay pigeonbaseball rising into blue sky, a few clouds
  • highschool kids walking towards viewer, exchanging good mornings, upper half of Chiyo's head seen walking among them, (cherry?) trees in bloom to the left
  • clay pigeonbaseball rising into blue sky, a few clouds
  • school kids (and Chiyo) again, this time seen from the right side, trees in the background
  • AD logo appears over blue sky, is hit and sent careening by clay pigeonbaseball, interrupting chorus "Azumanga Dai-"
  • Yukari riding bike, overtaking cars in traffic jam, in a hurry, stops, notes that her bike has dechained
  • a highschool boy (Male Student A) on bike laments being late, stops when he sees Yukari
  • Yukari talks herself into a rage over an expected reprimand for being late, starts kicking the bike
  • boy restrains her, determines problem and starts fixing it, congratulating himself, speculating that they won't be "hard on him" when he comes with a teacher
  • boy notices Yukari riding away with his bike
  • school outside, Oto-san flying across the screen
  • Yukari takes a breather in hall, enters classroom, introduces herself
  • a boy tries to talk to her, she interrupts, refusing to tell him her "three sizes", feeling flattered, boy tells her that she is in the wrong classroom (class 4 instead of her class 3)
  • Yukari enters classroom 3, viewer is introduced to faces and names of Tomo, Yomo, Sakaki, Kaorin
  • Yukari introduces herself (less than enthusiastic this time), notes Chiyo, pulls her pigtail, introduces Chiyo to the class
  • (school?) outside, Kimura enters view from behind, AD logo on the back of his head, turns and gapes
  • interlude: Chyio whipping something in a bowl, singing, "makes" necoconeco, Chiyo with frying pan, "makes" Oto-san, Chiyo holding both, saying "But this isn't cooking at all, is it?"

She's a Prodigy[edit]

  • classroom (during break?), Chihiro introduced to viewer
  • Chiyo and Chihiro talk, Yukari joins, praises Chiyo for asking for help, Chihiro admits to being the one being helped
  • Female Student A comforts Chihiro, while at the neighboring desk, Female Student B and Kaorin and Chiyo start lunch, Chiyo surprising the other two by telling them that she makes her own lunch, leaving them wondering if Chiyo is "Miss Perfect Superwoman"
  • Chiyo plays with Yomi the strings and fingers game, excelling at it, Yomi expresses belief that Chiyo is good at everything, Chiyo disproves it by failing at a tongue twister, getting Yomi exasperated over her cuteness even in failure
  • an angry male teacher calls to the front of class all who didn't do their homework, hits them on their heads, hesitates over a terrified, teary Chiyo explaining why she didn't do her homework
  • Chiyo whipping (batter?), singing
  • a cake
  • Chiyo swingin frying pan
  • cookies
  • Chiyo states success, products on a table in background, Yomi and Tomo start nibbling, Chiyo crying "you can eat it yet"
  • intersegment frame Oto-san, Chyo

Scary Maybe?[edit]

  • Chiyo collects career preference questionnaires, talks to Female Student B and friend, boy, comes to Sakaki, thinks her "kind of scary", notes Sakaki's choices (veterinarian, flower shopkeeper, stuffed animal shopkeeper), thinks she may be "a nice person"
  • girl's P. E. dressing room, Sakaki, Female Student A, Kaorin, the latter talking about Sakaki's coolness, Kaorin noticing "something really cute" on Sakaki's underwear, not being sure whether she saw it
  • school outside, seen through chain-link fence
  • Kaorin tries to interest Sakaki in the Astronomy club she's in, misreads Sakaki's reaction as disinterest, runs off, leaving Sakaki wishing Kaorin had invited her
  • blooming trees alley again, everyone's leaving, Sakaki notices three birds flying above, a puppy dog on a leash, stretches, breaks into a short sprint
  • Sakaki on her way home, notices Kamineko atop wall, gets bitten for trying to pet him
  • in class, Chiyo asks Sakaki about bandaged hand, Sakaki wonders if "he was in a bad mood", making Chiyo wonder if Sakaki had gotten into a fight
  • Sakaki encounters Kamineko in the street, K approaches her, mewls, Sakaki tries to pet, K bites bandaged hand

Wildcat Tomo-chan![edit]

  • Tomo introduces herself, is late for class, punishes herself with standing in the hallway, holding pails full of water
  • Tomo sees the self-inflicted punishment as challenge, talks to herself, finally manages to topple herself, spilling water, Tomo calls for help, Yukari is annoyed that Tomo is noisy
  • Tome challenges herself to beat Chiyo in schoolwork, Yomo doubts the possibility of it, when Chiyo doesn't the answer to one of Yukari's questions, Tomo volunteers an answer, admitting she doesn't know either, considering the event a tie
  • school outside
  • lunch, Tomo buys bread for herself and Chihiro and Yomi, who joke about her dependability in this, and are surprised when Tomo returns almost immediately, asking for her time
  • Tomo challenges Sakaki to a 100 meter race (during P. E.?), Kaorin, Chiyo, Yomi watch; Tomo embarasses Sakaki by demanding she moves back eight centimeters due to her large breasts, Tomo suffers a "crushing defeat" at Sakaki's hands, sees herself as "runner-up", "number two" rather than as having lost, annoying Yomi

The Osakan Gal[edit]

  • Yukari announces another transfer student to the class, Kasuga Ayumu
  • Tomo visualizes a few Osakan cliches, states "It's a rival!", asks Yomi to challenge her with a "Why the heck?", Yomi complies, Tomo jumps backwards, sending tables flying, gets up amidst a shocked class (Yukari, Yomi, Chiyo shown, rest anonymous), and asks whether she should make "a huge show of it like that" when she responds
  • Yukari proceeds with presenting Ayumu, Ayumu introduces herself, Yukari pressures Ayumu into greeting the class in Osakan dialect
  • Yomi, Ayumu, Chihiro talk about Osaka, Yomi remarks that Ayumu doesn't seem "too much like an Osakan", Tomi busts into conversation, labeling Ayumu an impostor. Tomo demands proof of Ayumu's 'innocence', demanding that she show her bento, because an Osakan's lunch should have takoyaki in it. Ayumu feebly protests, finally challenging Tomo with a "why the heck?", Tomo reacts with an exuberant "All right!".
  • during class, Osaka reminisces how people at home considered her spaced out, and resolves to "get it together", concentrating on that thought and failing to pay attention to class, until Yukari snaps her out of it, and tells her to "get it together".
  • bell chimes, end of class, Yukari leaves, Tomo addresses Aymumu as "Osaka, Osaka!", asking her about okonomiyaki while Ayumu wonders "Osaka?", which prompts Tomo into declaring "Osaka" to be Ayumu's nickname, telling it to Yomi, Kaorin, Sakaki, Chiyo, Chihiro, all of which nod it through, leaving a bewildered Osaka to think "It's like, wah".

Japanese episode list multi-part[edit]

With each episode divided into individual parts, this list is a good candidate for {{Japanese episode list multi-part}}. --Farix (Talk) 22:24, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

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