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Order of names?[edit]

There isn't a clear order of names for this list. I was trying to clean up the "Academics and Scientists" sub-list and it seems like it is roughly alphabetical. I shuffled a half dozen names around to fix that, and thought I'd do the same for the other lists... but it seems that many of those are (very roughly) by graduation year. I personally do not care at all, but picking a format would be good. List of Bates College people is an example that uses graduation date. List of Wadham College people doesn't even list graduation dates, but just gives names (in alphabetical order within each sub-list) and a brief comment on career or other significance. Or, a fancy table such as in Graduates of the United States Air Force Academy could be used.... if someone cared enough to take the time to implement it. --Karinpower (talk) 23:34, 29 July 2014 (UTC)