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BRD discussion[edit]

I have just reverted a very large edit (10,000+ bytes) by IP editor because a large part of that edit was unsourced. Let's discuss here on the Talk page.

The article was stable at approximately 3900 bytes in size from April 2014 through 24 January 2015. On 24 Jan, IP editor added a large amount (approx. 5000+ bytes) of unsourced information, and also removed a number of {{citation needed}} tags. I reverted that large addition on 25 jan 2015.

On 26 Jan 2015, IP editor added 10,000 bytes to the article in a single mongo edit, much of it unsourced, deleting a number of citation needed tags once again, but also adding some bare url sources for some of the new material.

I Reverted that Bold edit under WP:BRD. I think there are three discussions to have here.

  1. let's add only the new material that is directly sourced, not all the unsourced stuff. Smaller edits with information clearly within policy, or even possibly/arguably within policy, has a higher probability of remaining in the article, whereas large edits with lots of material that is not compliant with wiki standards will generally be quickly removed under WP:BRD, while it can be Discussed on the Talk page.
  2. please do not remove citation needed tags that challenge previous unsourced statements.
  3. let's discuss whether the source provided for some part of those new additions, (Ben's World of Transformers), is a WP:RS reliable source for purposes of Wikipedia policy standards.

So to the party adding the material, IP editor, I ask re no. 3: on what basis is a reliable source? Cheers. N2e (talk) 05:24, 1 February 2015 (UTC)