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how to improve?[edit]

I thinking we need a list (or maybe a table like in the List of Dacian plant names?) showing for each entry:

- the name (+ spelling variants)
- if masculine or feminine
- attestations: place, century, maybe source (epigraphic or literary), probably an extra mention for important people such as Decebalus Daizus (talk) 12:08, 24 January 2011 (UTC)
1. Tsiru
  • Tsiru son of Bassus in ISM V 27, Capidava (Scythia Minor), 2nd century
Ref: Dana 2001-2003, p. 88
2. Tsinna (Zinnas, Sinna)
  • Zinnas in IOSPE I2 136, Olbia, late 1st-early 2nd century
  • Tsinna son of Bassus in ISM V 27, Capidava (Scythia Minor), 2nd century
  • Titus Aurelius Sinna from Ratiaria (Moesia Superior) in CIL III 14507, Viminacium (Moesia Superior), year 195
  • Sinna in a military diploma for year 246 (no other details provided, but it was published by Peter Weiss in "Ausgewahlte neue Militardiplome" in Chiron 32 (2002), p. 513-7)
Ref: Dana 2001-2003, p. 86-9; Kovács 2009, p. 219
Dan Dana, "Notes onomastiques daco-mésiennes", Il Mar Nero : annali di archeologia e storia 5 (2001-2003), p. 77-89
Péter Kovács, Marcus Aurelius' rain miracle and the Marcomannic wars (2009)
Daizus (talk) 13:37, 24 January 2011 (UTC)
Makes sense! It would be good if the table is sortable.--Codrin.B (talk) 02:28, 26 January 2011 (UTC)
Take a look now. I put some work into this. Let me know what you think. --Codrin.B (talk) 06:38, 26 January 2011 (UTC)