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Dick Tracy - Villans etc[edit]

On the matter of villans,There is no mention as at this date, June 17, 2006, of Ivy, a thug whose trademark in frequent appearances, was that he mostly said ..." I'm Ivy. Boola Boola" or was in the background saying " Boola Boola ", in the comic strips circa 1952-56.

Also, with Cellular Phones now having video capabilities, we are approaching Diet Smith's most visionary ( and useful to Dick and the police ) device, the 2-way wrist radio which had video capabilities... 50 years more or less from their becoming common as Cellphones. Maybe there are wrist ones also?

Missing recurring character in comic strip Dick Tracy, NY Daily News: "Little Wingy"[edit]

I could be wrong, but my memory insists that I used to see a character in the Dick Tracy comic strip in the NY Daily News by the name of "Little Wingy". She was a young girl, somewhere between the ages of 10-15, with waist-length blonde hair which flared out to the sides and looked a little like wings. If anyone knows about this character or knows that I am mistaken, I would be happy to have that information, either way. Thanks. Probable dates of "Little Wingy's" appearances would be: 1945-1960.

  • Just after Gould began drawing "Dick Tracy" he drew a seperate Sunday edition-although by 1942 he had made the Sunday edition part of Main Story as well. I think he drew the seperate Sunday as Comic Relief-try checking the reprinted early strips-there was at least one book of them years ago-had a blone cigerete girl who talked like a smart aleck "Flapper". —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:28, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

Characters from late 1960s/early 1970s[edit]

Does anyone remember a character who had a face that was all wrinkled, and his neck was so wrinkled, he was able to enclose a copy of Tolstoy's WAR & PIECE in it (the neck skin had buttons making a sort of pouch). He had a daughter or granddaughter who had a face similar to his -- almost like the Mole -- but without wrinkles, who killed herself with a hand-grenade rather than be captured by Tracy.

That would be The Pouch.--kchishol1970 17:49, 3 April 2007 (UTC)
That was THE MOLE's granddaugther "Mollie"-her criminal accompliaces were "Pouch" and popcorn eater "Johnny Scorn". "Mollie" stole a grenade from a terrorist accomplaice and blew herself and accomplice up-Scorn escaped.

Dick Tracy villan[edit]

I wanted to know if anyone had heard of another Tracy villan called Noodles Rominoff?


Moved here becasue not really characters:

  • Dick Tracy - injuries and wounds on the job: (examples)
    • Hit on head with gun butt and struck on jaw with brass knuckles during Tess Trueheart kidnapping.
    • Hit on head with suitcase of bricks then kidnapped and burned on right foot by Broadway Bates.
    • Blown up by dynamite on Stud Brozen's boat; knocked unconscious and nearly drowned; then nearly killed by compressed air by The Blank in a decompression chamber. (A continuity error is Tracy, Patton and Brozen surviving an explosion at such close range when in reality they would have died from concussion alone)
    • Kidnapped by Scardol and nearly buried alive by soft concrete dam.
    • Kidnapped by Jerome Trohs gang and his right hand crushed by Momma.
    • Kidnapped by the Black Pearl gang and cut on left check and nearly shot along with Pat Patton. Nearly burned alive in tank.
    • Nearly killed by Little Face Finny when window washer's platform Tracy was on was untied by a henchman.
    • Kidnapped by Duke and tied up and nearly suffocated by dish of burning sulphur; fell through soft ground into the Mole's underground hideout; nearly strangled by the Mole and nearly killed by cave in and then almost drowned by water in tunnel.
    • Thrown down pit by Jacques with huge boulder thrown on top of him. Tracy escapes only because "pit" is actually roof tunnel hole which has boards on bottom; Tracy is able to signal for help and is rescued before boulder crashes through. (Allegedly Gould drew an alternative ending in which Tracy tells Gould he had gone too far.)
    • Breaks right leg when leaving Bea Thorndike house after slipping on ice; later kidnapped by B.B.Eyes gang and nearly blown up by runaway furnace; nearly smothered by mounds of tires knocked on him by B.B. Eyes gang-then imprisoned in paraffin straitjackets with Pat Patton.
    • Trapped in a basement with another policeman and nearly killed by Pruneface with poison gas.
    • Throat nearly cut with knife by Charlie and then nicked in right side by Flattop Jones with pistol.
    • Stabbed in right shoulder by lightning rod thrown as a spear by The Brow.
    • Poisoned by Breathless Mahoney.
    • Kicked upside the head by the Queen of Diamonds.

section from professional colleagues[edit]

are these actually recurring characters as described in the article title? Why are these listed more as errors than as characters? RJFJR (talk) 21:54, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

  • Fallen Police Officers-several appear throughout the years in Dick Tracy comic strip:
    • (1932) Tracy surviving being hit on head with suitcase of bricks, although this would at least have resulted in fatal injuries
    • (1932) Tracy surviving a fall from ocean liner, although this would at least have resulted in fatal injuries.
    • (1937) Gould has Tracy and Patton surviving a dynamite blast at close range, although in reality it would have killed them by concussion.
    • (1939) Officer killed by Gangster Scardol during auto theft. Later two Officers killed by Scardol's henchman and Dick Tracy captured.
    • (1941) Officer killed with stolen police revolver by Littleface Finny during getaway.
    • (1942) Officer O'Malley-Officer sent in plainclothes to try to establish contact with "B.B. Eyes" gang; O"Malley's body found by Dick Tracy in front of Tracy's own garage.
    • (1942) Police Chief Cal Bullet (Sr) murdered by his own son traitor Cal Bullet (Jr).
    • (1943) Tracy shot by Flattop in side with pistol, and survives, although he would have been stricken with peritonitis.
    • (1943) Officer Murphy "killed" by Flattop during getaway only to reappear alive again, without even a bullet wound.
    • (1944) Officer Murphy "survives" after falling out of taxi going off high bridge into park pond, the fall from such a height would have resulted in fatal injuries.
    • (1947) Officer Ferris-highway patrolman killed by "Mumbles" gang.
Just to add to the list, Officer Murphy is also shot dead by Larry, the brother of Junior's first girlfriend Model, and sure enough appears again alive and unharmed. (talk) 00:23, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Unamed Taxi Driver[edit]

Is an unamed taxi driver really worthy of inclusion? He doesn't even have a name. Lots42 (talk) 18:00, 15 April 2008 (UTC

Duplicative Rogues Gallery - delete one[edit]

Having Rogues Gallery alpha AND chrono order is duplicative. I intend to delete the chrono order one (because the alpha one has some sourced content) unless someone comes up with a valid rationale for having both. Active Banana (talk) 01:06, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

Breathless Mahoney[edit]

This always bothered me, but in the film, she felt like more of an ally than an enemy. Should we consider moving her to allies? because she's like Black Cat or Kevin from Ben 10: Alien Force. Rusted AutoParts (talk) 21:24, 20 October 2010 (UTC)