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Thieves guild trainment[edit]

Per Marudubshinki (talk · contribs), I am clarifying that members of the Thieves Guild (rogues, thieves, assassins, etc) are given extra trainment. In Dragons of Summer Flame there is an example about this trainment (which I don't want to expand right now as that will include spoilers about the novel). -- ReyBrujo 15:01, 14 June 2006 (UTC)

I think that the question wasn't over what you were clarifying, but rather of your use of the "word" trainment itself, as no such word actually exists in the english language. I beleive the word you're looking for is training, and I've corrected the article to reflect this. --Maelwys 16:00, 14 June 2006 (UTC)
Geez, thanks for that. Time for my head to forget a word, then :) -- ReyBrujo 16:01, 14 June 2006 (UTC)

Ansalon Comparison[edit]

Is Icereach or Ansalon being compared to Antarctica? And, either way, is it really fair to be comparing it? It could be considered original research, I dunno. DoomsDay349 18:50, 3 August 2006 (UTC)

In the DL Community, it is usually compared that Ansalon=Australia and Antarctica=Icereach. Also, just so you know Icereach is techincally its own continent (see Icereach Trilogy and Otherlands), but it is never stated in newer materials with the people of DL thinking that they are the same land.--Kranar drogin 22:58, 25 August 2006 (UTC)
But we can't just include things "off the air". Unless we can find some comment from Wizards, Margaret or some other author, comparing the lands with our own lands (I find it hard there is no such comparison anywhere), it would have to be removed, yes. -- ReyBrujo 01:15, 26 August 2006 (UTC)
Boy, as far as them sharing their views on stuff, my best guess would be annotated. Other than that I have no idea how to help you on that end.--Kranar drogin 02:25, 26 August 2006 (UTC)

This article doesn't mention Lemish or Throtyl[edit]

I'm a DM who is running a Dragonlance based game. My PCs' party is now in the region of Lemis and I wanted to learn a bit more of it. I thought this page could help. But unfortunately Throtyl is mentioned in one place with no information on it. Lemish doesn't exist. Isn't this a problem? 10:23, 14 February 2007 (UTC)Endrin 14.Feb.2007

The article is in bad, bad shape. When you have pretty much one active user with access to gaming products, it's hard to maintain things. However, this is probably one of the worst articles, and I think I will get to fixing this one up. I'll try to fix it soon. DoomsDay349 16:57, 14 February 2007 (UTC)
Haven't even heard of those two locations, or else I forgot them. What's their signifigance? Ddcc 21:45, 14 February 2007 (UTC)
Hmm...Lemish isn't mentioned in my Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Throtl is mentioned as an anarchic land with hobgoblin tribes. DoomsDay349 21:54, 14 February 2007 (UTC)
Sure it is, page 148, just southwest of Throt. Actually, this map here isn't very accurate. You need to get one of the Map Pouches. Lemish is also talked about on pages 112-115 of the War of the Lance sourcebook.--Kranar drogin 22:20, 14 February 2007 (UTC)
I noticed it on the map; I meant it didn't have a write up. I'd have to get War of the Lance to write it up on Wikipedia. DoomsDay349 22:28, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Que Shu[edit]

In my books, it's always spelled with a hyphen, like "Que-Shu". --BranER

I'm fairly sure it is as well. Is there a problem in the article? DoomsDay349 03:23, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Complete Rewrite Needed[edit]

This has to be one of the worst pages I've ever come across on Wikipedia. The spelling, the grammar, the paragraphs that make no sense, the tense errors, the utter fetish with using as many commas possible. Good god I'd rather see this page deleted entirely than have a Dragonlancce page treated like this. I spent 3 hours today editing this article, only to have my damn work proxies render all my work a waste of time. EvilMuppet 08:41, 21 October 2007 (UTC)

I oppose the deletion of this article on the grounds that reliable secondary sources are available for each of the locations.[edit]

The Dragonlance Lexicon has extensive, well researched, material on the locations mentioned in this article. Dragonlance Lexicon a resource that is well respected by Dragonlance fans and there is a peer-review process to make sure that quality is maintained.

The Dragonlance world, specifically the continent of Ansalon was featured in the best selling Chronicles trilogy. Those books have been reprinted multiple times and translated into different languages, and this fictional world is part of modern culture.

Calling for the article to be deleted is unwarranted, and User:New questions would have served Wikipedia better if they had called for citations to be added and notified Wikipedia:WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons about the problems with this article.

I call for the deletion template to be removed and replaced with some sort of template for repairing or improving this article. Big Mac (talk) 02:51, 14 April 2012 (UTC)

Any user can remove a PROD template from an article, but the common response to that is that the original editor just takes it to AFD. Hopefully they will discuss with you here instead. (talk) 03:31, 14 April 2012 (UTC)
Instead? Or just as a prelude. (talk) 11:29, 17 April 2012 (UTC)

Removal of proposed deletion template[edit]

Howdy all. Recently, a Prod template was added to this article. I've replaced it with a {{Primary sources}} template. I first discovered this article was prodded when I read this section of the administrators' noticeboard. I read through the other AfDs that were mentioned, and a couple of them had editors suggesting that the respective articles be kept. I think that if this article was brought to AfD, similar keep suggestions might be made for it. Some non-primary sources could be extremely helpful, which is why I added the Primary sources template.--Rockfang (talk) 06:08, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

Well, do you have anything that would suggest notability for the locations of Dragonlanace? I am not very knowledgeable about Dragonlance, so perhaps you might be better able to come up with sources than I do. However, I think that it would be good if you could provide sources that demonstrate its real-world notability.--New questions? 06:19, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
I see in the above discussion that the Dragonlance lexicon was cited as a reliable source that establishes notability. I just wonder, can sources like that be considered reliable sources that establish notability?--New questions? 06:23, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
In response to your first post here, I'm not stating I think anything is notable or not notable. If I implied I was, I apologize. I'm just stating that with this list, I think that there is a potential for notability, which is why I would prefer that it not be deleted via Prod. If it is deleted, AfD would be more suitable in my opinion. With AfD, more people can share their thoughts and opinions. In response to your second post, I'm not sure if that wiki is reliable or not. I don't know enough about it. I will look into it though.--Rockfang (talk) 06:35, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
I see. Could you at least explain what you would say is potential for notability, though? I would like to see what evidence there is of notability before I actually nominate this for deletion.--New questions? 19:21, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
The Dragonlance world is the background of both a well known Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting (that has been supported in three editions of the D&D rules) and is featured in some best selling novels, as well as over 100 other novels. A lot of the locations in the novels have had a cultural impact on fans. There may be a case that some of the less-well known locations are not so notable, but there may also be a counter-case that this article should be expanded, with the best-known places getting their own articles.
If you do not know much about Dragonlance and are not aware that the Dragonlance Lexicon is an encyclopaedia run by the world's leading Dragonlance fansite, perhaps you should get in touch with WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons, and ask for them to put this article onto their to-do list. The people at WP D&D are very good people and it is better for Wikipedia if D&D articles that are suspected to be bad are brought to their attention. They are experts in D&D, know what is notable (and what should be kept on Wikipedia) and have worked very hard to repair many many very poor articles and have managed to get quite a few articles onto the front page of Wikipedia.
Considering Dragonlance Lexicon to be a valid or non-valid source based on it being hosted on a wiki is not logical. Some wikis are good - other wikis are bad. What is important is looking to see what sort of standards are employed there. The Lexicon both on its current wiki (and the CMS it was on before that) is run by fans with an expert-knowlege of the Dragonlance universe. They have an initial research process of scanning primary sources for factioids and then a second process of converting those factoids into things that go into their own articles. More importantly, they encourage other fans who spot mistakes to notify them, so that they can correct any mistakes that slip into articles.
They have slowed that process down and spent the last few years pulling articles off of their CMS and wikifying them, in order to make it easier for articles to be improved in the future. The Lexicon is not perfect, but they do strive for perfection and run things in a very professional way. So I say 'yes - you can treat them as a secondary source for information on Dragonlance'.
I agree with the poster above, that said that this article needs to be cleaned up. For example, the section on 'Dargaard Keep' gives insufficient information on a location that is fairly important to the understanding of how this fantasy world works. Lord Soth is a fairly major background character (and the most well known example of what D&D calls a death knight) and Dargaard Keep was both his home as a living person and his prison as a death knight. Wikipedia would be a lesser thing without better information on Dargaard Keep. There is even a band called Dargaard, which takes its name from Dargaard Keep, showing that particular location is notable. And in my opinion, Wikipedia is failing by not having more about it (and death knights themselves have also become 'bigger than D&D'). That is why I said that this article should have one or more improvement templates attached to it, instead of a deletion template. Big Mac (talk) 23:36, 18 April 2012 (UTC)
The question is, how do you decide if such a wiki is reliable and run by fans with "expert knowledge" on the series? There are plenty of fan-wikis out there that could be said to be run by fans with some "expert knowledge" in the series that they are about. How do you decide that one wiki has members of enough "expert knowledge" to make it a reliable source? Or would you say all wikis like that are reliable sources?--New questions? 20:44, 28 April 2012 (UTC)

The article is now at AFD, for those who were not aware. BOZ (talk) 00:01, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

Merger of articles into this one[edit]

I think Krynn at the very least has at least the start of notability. Where two sources exist, there are likely more to follow. (talk) 22:32, 10 May 2012 (UTC)

Merger with individual location articles[edit]

Neither of the locations in the Dragonlance fictional universe have received a sufficient amount of coverage in reliable, secondary sources to justify their own articles. As such, the following articles should be merged here: Ansalon, Empire of Ergoth, High Clerist's Tower, Kendermore (Krynn), Krynn, Pig and Whistle Tavern, Plains of Dust, Port Balifor, Sad Town, Taladas, and Towers of High Sorcery. Neelix (talk) 00:15, 11 May 2012 (UTC)

I wrote the above before I saw the comment by IP user Yes, Krynn is probably the only article that has a sufficient amount of coverage in reliable, secondary sources. Still, all of the locations in Dragonlance are on Krynn, so either the list of locations should be merged into the Krynn article or the Krynn article should be merged here. Neelix (talk) 00:26, 11 May 2012 (UTC)