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Things to do[edit]

  • Notes:
    • The entries are either software or a project, and sometimes the names of a project and software are similar or identical.
    • In JBoss Community, there are tabs for both projects and products. The products are the commercialized versions of the projects.
  • Verify completeness of the list of JBoss software using
  • Add articles for the red-ink links in the list. If the software is too small for an article, add a section in an article and add an appropriate redirect, as was done with JBoss Cache. (DONE - except for some redirects) Add missing redirects.
  • Add a column to identify the type for each entry. (DONE - used type in JBoss Community Index) Consider the software types and categories in JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Infoworld Bossie Awards. Consider the terminology in the various "List of..." or "Comparison of..." lists. Some entries are projects with a name similar or identical to the software name.
  • Add the subprojects under each project, as was done for GateIn. (DONE)
  • Distinguish projects and products (DONE - separate tables for projects and productized software)
  • Per Category:Indexes of articles, the article should be titled "List of JBoss software" instead of "Index of JBoss software". (DONE)
  • Include a wikilink to this list in the See Also section of every article in this list. (partially done - updated all articles that wikilinked to JBoss (disambiguation) to wikilink to List of JBoss software)
  • Add {{WikiProject Java|class=??|importance=??}} to the discussion page of the articles listed in List of JBoss software. Determine what the "??" should be.

Obankston (talk) 04:26, 29 October 2011 (UTC)