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List of (Japanese) Nintendo 64 Games, Talk Page

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Reasons for this list.[edit]

There are a number of reasons this list has been compiled and arranged separate from the main "List of Nintendo 64 games" mostly because that list is incomplete in itself, as titles such as Wild Choppers and Snow Speeder are not listed, yet their other English titles are listed. That is simply a condensed version of names and titles to the basic programs of each game. Yet games from one year are usually changed slightly and released the next year under a different title, and Internationally things get even more complicated. Rally '99 is very similar to Rally Challenge 2000, but each has its own individual properties, not least of which are the Language changes. Such games as Masters '98: Haruka Naru Augusta seem not to have been listed correctly, sine "Masters '98" appears above the Japanese "Haruka Naru Augusta" and pages like Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics where marked as having been made released in Japan, one game of Georgia and the other of a course in Hawaii. Hopefully this list will help to prevent such miss directions, and be able to help others quickly find such errors. Another reason for this list is that the names of the Japanese games are continually being retranslated, and older versions deleted without links pointing to the new pages.

Title Translations.

One of the most annoying things about collecting items in other languages for most people is getting the same item twice or having the same thing translated two different ways without there being a key to how they where translated. For these entries I've listed each with it's Japanese name, and it's simplified Hiragana, so each can be translated by anyone with a Japanese Dictionary without having to search out the meaning of the Kanji. The titles have also been arranged to the focus on the main part of the box or title screen. Dairantou Smash Brothers has the words (Nintendo All Star!), however they don't appear as the main body on the title screen or box, and are more of a side note, the same is seen for games like Tamagotchi 64: Minna de Tamagotchi World which has the word "Tamagotchi" written along a large boarder, the number '64' at it's center, and the words "Minna de Tamagotchi World" laid on top of that. The words "64 Haken!! Tamagotchi" are above this boxed area, meaning (64 Discovery!! Tamagotchi). This is echoed in the game 64 Tanteidan that has the added (A Bright Solution!) above the title which would be translated as (64 Detective Club) although mostly written out as "Kira to Kaiketsu 64 Haken" the official website of Imagineer listed it by Tamagotchi.

Simply because a ROM of a game is titled a certain way, that might not be it's official name, or how most people would identify it. This list is made so people can find the information quickly and wouldn't need to try translate all the Japanese text of the cover or title screen, but only the main (generally centered) title. For this reason "Chokukan Night" is not the title of the game but Pro Yakyu King but Jikkyo although it could also be seen as a side note to the title, it helps to describe and Categorize the game. If a Wikipedia user feels that things like "Chokukan Night" are a part of the title, and it helps link it to other games in this series, they are encouraged to make a "Entry Article" describing the series then link to it thus showing why they feel this game is part of that series and why it is a necessary part of the title. This will be only necessary if it is apart of the games cover or title screen, "World Series Soccer", should not be listed as "International Soccer", or such things unless it is part of the title.

Rules for this page.

As with any program that allows others to co-operate while building something, The founding and or major contributor sets the pattern that others should use as per Wikipedia Guide Lines.

If anyone wants to question or rewrite the translation remember to list it's Hiragana on the main page or here on the chat page as to why you think it should be spelled differently, these pages are made to be searchable and such characters as pronunciation keys such as Ō should not be used, if you wish to use these make them part of the "Entries Article" page and make or make a redirect to it rather then Changing the games "Entry Article" or the "List of" pages. The "ou" combination in Japanese generaly is pronounced as Ō but for simplity of searching, these have been removed and replaced with a single 'o'. Do not delete another's contributions, and replace it with something completely different, if you believe something needs a redirect make sure that the information you changed or removed is present at the new location. If a entry in the list is changed and someone feels that this was an incorrect addition they can revert to the original, but they should post it below on this Talk Page with both versions, so people can vote on which they believe is correct, and the original with stay and users can sign their names under the entry they'd like most and the first to reach 25 wins, and there after it is whichever has the most votes. Only one vote per person.

Ok with all that said let the talks begin, okay let's face it they're probably little Edit Wars if you don't want to take the time to help make and change something for the better then leave it alone. (Floppydog66)

Things that might need to be changed.[edit]

It's not less then a few minutes old but I'd like to point out some of the things which I couldn't research enough to find all I needed if anyone can help on this point it'd be great. The "Developer" "Publisher" sections of these tables is as good as I could get it, but without actually playing the games, and mostly only having the box scans and online sources to learn from, they might need some work. (Floppydog66)

Incomplete list English titles[edit]

Two months after his complaint about Japanese titles in the main List of Nintendo 64 games SeizureDog is still confused and wants List of Japanese Nintendo 64 games deleted, he marked it for deletion and didn't bother to write about it in the talk page of either article, so here's answer. If you want to be the only "List Of N64" you still got your work cut out for you ;)

SeizureDog, Timkovski and others on 'List of Nintendo 64 games' (LN64G) seem to feel that English titles like Wild Choppers don't belong on the normal list because it was a Japanese game and an alternative name to one that was released in The U.S.A. and Europe. I guess that explains his reason for wanting this page deleted, although he wasn't very good at stating it. Whenever these where added to the LN64G they were deleted because they felt these where additional titles that the list did not need. On LN64G talk page it also had requests to make it a seperate listing, as SeizureDog said on his answer to my discuussion on that page it confuses him. These games need a converter or must be modified by having their back edge corners broked off to work with a U.S. or Europe system. As I mentioen in that talk page the LN64G's title listing in English is incomplete 'Incomplete list English' it dosn't even list all games because Jikkyo World Soccer: World Cup France '98 by Konami isn't listed at all, probably because someone deleted it because it might seem like a U.S.A. game yet it is completly differant then either the FIFA '98: Road To World Cup World Cup 98 (video game) both of which are made and designed by EA Sports. They don't bother to list games or simply delete them without any mention of the game even if the names tile is in English. SeizureDog also didn't list or mention any complaints about the 'List of Japanese Nintendo 64 Games' on its talk page and I think either all titles should be given a single listing with each of the three regions names for each cartridge or that they should be with the LN64G having only the U.S.A. and Europe titles, since they seem to delete all the other ones anyway. According to SeizureDog it's confusing to him to list the Japanese Games with English titles, as well as the English releases and Europe, when I came onto the project many Japanese games wheren't even listed on the articales that menmtion the game, Eltale Monsters wasn't even mentioned on the Chopper Attack article and it wasn't mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia. LN64G lists

  • Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū 2000
  • Deadly Arts

G.A.S.P!!: Fighter's NEXTream in Europe and Japan

but dosn't list this game although all are Japanese games.

  • King Hill 64: Extreme Snowboarding"

if one is listed all titles should be listed if they don't want to list King Hill 64: Extreme Snowboarding, then they shouldn't be listing the Japanese games.

The LN64G also dosn't tell how to distinghsh which country each game came from, or if they can be played all on the same consoles. It also only lists one Publisher for each of the games, even though in differant regions the game was released by differant Publishers.

In conclusion I state what I did when first making this page and my discussion on the LN64G; Each of the U.S.A., Europe and Japanese versions of the games are differant, and if a person is looking up a Nintendo 64 game called Wild Choppers, and they come to Wikipedia and see a List of Nintendo 64 Games, they'd expect to see it, SeizureDog, Timkovski and others feel that those titles of Nintendo 64 games don't belong on a the LN64G which claims to list all Nintendo 64 games "alphabetically by their localized English titles" what it dose is list some Japanese titles, but all U.S. and Euorpe. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Floppydog66 (talkcontribs) 15:32, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Removed descriptions of games[edit]

The added information about the various Japanese characters was removed because it wasn't always on the box or cartridges, and can still be found on the pages history if someone wants to know why a game had a certain spelling, the other description items where moved to the pages that they are linked to. (Floppydog66 17:04, 28 October 2007 (UTC))