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order of kings and earlier kings[edit]

Indeed, the order is reversed for "chronological order"; it should state "in reverse chronological order". What is the benefit with listing the last king first?

Also, this list begins with Fergus I (implying this is the list of kings for Scottish Daladria): what of the Legendary Kings of Irish Daladria?



Move to List of Kings of Dál Riata ?[edit]

Now that Dál Riata is the consensus, I would like to move this page to List of Kings of Dál Riata. I haven't checked on the category Kings of Dalriada, but presumably we'd want a new cat Kings of Dál Riata. It would be a lot of fiddling to change all the pages (especially those List of State Leader in Year X things - there must have been a technological solution to that !). It would be nice if we could agree on naming standards before moving anything, but I suppose that's harder work, and we'd want a consensus before doing that, so perhaps not. Regardless, I am not suggested we rename the individual kings from "of Dalriada" to "of Dál Riata". As for Ireland, I wish to follow an academically consensual route (few subjects could be less influenced by "popularity" than what to call Eochaid Buide). Unfortunately there's no equivalent of Byrne to hand for Scotland, so I have attempted to get the spelling of the genitives correct. Having already been corrected once, it's unlikely that this list is correct. Attention from Gaelic-speakers, and especially from experts in Old Irish, would be necessary to confirm the details.

If anyone objects to the move, please do see say so here, and we'll take the voting route (although I hope we can avoid that). I will put a note up on the Irish, Northern Irish and Scottish noticeboards. Angus McLellan 00:26, 14 March 2006 (UTC)

How to name Dál Riata kings[edit]

Please pick holes in my suggestions: bold are presently missing.

  • Even more mythical kings before Erc - list but no articles needed
  • Erc - no article needed ?
Always been suspicious about this guy; mainly because Erp seems to have been an important Pictish figure, and, of course, Erc is the P-Celtic equivalent.
  • Loarn - ditto unless it's a redirect to Cenél Loairn ?
  • Fergus I - Fergus Mór mac Eirc
  • Óengus Mór - no article unless a redirect to Cenél nÓengusa ?
  • Domangart I - Domangart mac Fergusa
  • Comgall - Comgall mac Domangairt
  • Gabhran - Gabrán mac Domangairt
  • Conall I - Conall mac Comgaill
  • Aedan - Áedán mac Gabráin
This guy is capable of an article of FA quality.
  • Eochaid I - Eochaid Buide mac Áeda
  • Connad - Connad Cear (or Cerr ?)
  • Domnall I - Domnall Brecc
  • Ferchar I - Ferchar mac (gen. Connad: Connaid ?)
  • Dunchad - Dúnchad mac Duban (?), putative great-grandson of Eochaid mac Gabráin.
  • Conall II - Connal Crandomna (Crannamna ?)
  • Domangart II - Domangart mac Domnaill
  • Maelduin - Máel-Duin mac Conaill
  • Domnall II - Domnall Donn
  • Ferchar II - Ferchar Fota
  • Eochaid II - Eochaid mac Domangairt (byname ? crooknose, to check)
  • Ainbcellach - Ainbcellach mac Ferchair
  • Fiannamail - Fiannamail ua Dunchada. Other nepotes Dunchado, Béc(c) (AU s.a. 707), Tuibride (AU s.a. 719) ?
  • Selbach - Selbach mac Ferchair
  • Dúnchad (m)Bec - not much of an article.
  • Dungal - Dúngal mac Selbaich
  • Eochaid III - Eochaid mac Echdach
  • Alpin I - Alpin mac Echdach
  • Muiredach - Muiredach mac Ainbcellaich
  • Eogan - Eógan mac Muiredaig (doubtful ?)
  • Aed - Áed Find
  • Fergus II - Fergus mac Echdach
  • Eochaid IV - Eochaid mac Áeda

And from now on things are doubtful, following Broun, "Pictish Kings".

  • Donncoirce - ?
  • Conall mac Taidg - under Picts
  • Conall mac Áeda - ditto ?
  • Domnall mac Caustantín
  • Áed mac Boanta

Interregnum ...

  • Gofraidh mac Fergusa, Caitill Find and eventually the Uí Imair.

Thoughts ? Angus McLellan 20:27, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

Couple things:
--Craig Stuntz 14:03, 27 March 2006 (UTC)


Moved from List of Kings of Dalriada to List of Kings of Dál Riata. Seems obvious and uncontroversial, but please move it back, and we can debate the issue, if you have real objections. Angus McLellan (Talk) 21:06, 27 March 2006 (UTC)