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As this article is still in progress it would be good for everyone to give their thoughts on it and think of changes that can be made. Leave your messages here. Thanks. Greaterlondoner

I'm not conviced that "please could you not edit anything here" is a good thing to add on Wikipedia pages. It seems like a lot of people could make minor improvements, like fixing typos or links, and it's unfair to make them sit on their hands for days or weeks waiting for the finished article. Ttwaring 14:29, 9 August 2005 (UTC)

There are a few other articles on Wikipedia around that can have edits made. I've taken on board what you're saying. Feel free to make edits now, I've changed that message considerably. Greaterlondoner

There are two separate components: correcting typos and inelegances - and changing the main body of the text. With this article a format will have to be decided upon: by date, by line, or by some other convention - and how will closed stations that were renamed be handled (eg Strand/Aldwych).

A relevant book would be: R.V. J. Butt: The Directory of Railway Stations, Patrick Stephens Ltd. Jackiespeel 18:01, 11 August 2005 (UTC)

Closed station will not be included in this article. This is only for stations still in use that have been renamed in their histories. Greaterlondoner

Opened / First Served

Some stations were opened before they were first served by the Underground. At the moment the opening dates for Bromley by Bow, West Ham and Dagenham East etc. have the date of first being served as the station opening date which is clearly wrong (and contradicts the articles). Either the dates need to be changed to the date the station originally opened or the text changed to "first served in xxxx". I'm not entirely sure which is the better option. MRSC 13:10, 22 August 2005 (UTC)

Which line to list under?

For those stations served by more than one line, I suggest that the station is listed under the line that servied it first as this is obviously where the station first got its name. An example of this would be the entry for Embankment which is listed under Bakerloo Line as opening in 1906 (which is correct for that line) although the station had already been served by the District line for many years and was known originally as Charing Cross (see article for the station). DavidCane 01:50, 24 September 2005 (UTC)