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Jesus Christ, this is possibly the most worthless page on Wikipedia. Instead of stating obvious things such as "Slipknot took their name from the word slipknot", how about explaining why some of these names were chosen? -Kamuchian —Preceding unsigned comment added by Kamuchian (talkcontribs) 03:19, 4 October 2007 (UTC)

I'm removing Deaconlittle, as I can't find anything about them. They seem to be insignificant enoughj for removal.

I added Shai Hulud. If someone could change the Dune link to Dune (the film) and still keep 'Dune', that would be great. -Manic

I fixed the etymology for Weezer, because it has not been confirmed, it might need to be reworded

I have a few other comments:

Led Zeppelin After being told by friend and fellow musician Keith Moon that the band would go down like a "lead zeppelin," the band changed "lead" to "led" for pronunciation purposes.

This makes it look like the band was originally called Lead Zeppelin and then changed the name. I don't know how to reword it so I just left it.

Pearl Jam Singer Eddie Vedder's grandmother Pearl used to make Eddie's favourite jam when he was young. The name was chosen in tribute to her.

I think it means somthing else, too.. I am not sure the story though so I didn't change anything.

This is also what I heard. Furthermore, the one of the secret ingrediants of this special jam was supposedly peyote. Pimlottc 08:56, 21 March 2006 (UTC)

Regarding Led Zeppelin, I read (I believe on the Allmusic guide), that Moon said originally they would go down like a "lead balloon"

Also is not the Coheed and Cambria "etymology" somewhat too self-referencing?

Though I would wager that a huge amount of them are phony/unverifiable.

In 1977 I read that the Clash's name came from Jamaican group Culture's song "When the two sevens clash" (referring to the year 1977)

Definition list?[edit]

Perhaps this be a definition list? For example:


Eagles of Death Metal 
Arose from an argument in a bar with a drunken punter who suggested that glam band Poison were the 'the Eagles of death metal'.
E Street Band 
Bruce Springsteen's band was named after E Street (E, not East) in Belmar, New Jersey, because the band used to practice at the E Street home of David Sancious' mother. (Belmar's 10th Avenue was the subject of Springsteen's song "Tenth Avenue Freezeout".)
named after a small town in California's San Joaquin Valley noted for being the most poverty-stricken community in the state.
Elton John 
His real name is Reginald Dwight. He took the stage name from two other British musicians, Elton Dean and John Baldry.
The initials of his name "Marshall Mathers" are M & M, pronounced phonetically they become Eminem.
Named after the strong alcohol of the same name.
Evergreen Terrace 
Named after the street the Simpsons live on.
Explosions in the Sky 
Named after fireworks the band saw on the American Independence Day.


simply stating that a member thought a word was cool, when that word doesn't have any previous meaning, is not adequate for an entry in an encyclopedia. i'm deleting this. someone should please explain it intelligently Youdontsmellbad 23:25, 24 July 2006 (UTC)

23 Skidoo[edit]

This says their named after something to do with Illuminati. Anyone know if it's a reliable source? - Peregrine Fisher 04:57, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

Aphex Twin[edit]

"Twin in recognition of Richard D. James' brother who died three years before him and had the same name, who he believes is watching over him like a guardian angel" what does this mean? Richard D. James is still alive so the phrase "he died three years before him" doesn't seem to make sense. I'm sure it's just a typo, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. Three years before his birth? 02:28, 19 May 2007 (UTC)