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This list should be broken up into alphabetic blocks (eg, ABC, DEF, GHI, etc) to make it easier to manage. PKT(alk) 16:22, 31 January 2012 (UTC)

Allen's Danforth, Century, Titania, The Music Hall[edit]

I can't seem to find the above movie theatre in the table. It is located at 147 Danforth Avenue. Check the Wikipedia article, "The Music Hall".

Does anyone know how to add it to the table? Thanks. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:02, 16 March 2013 (UTC)

Im not sure what the exact name of it was, but there used to be a 2 screen theater, think it was Famous Players, at the Towne and Country mall at the corner of Yonge and Steeles. (talk) 13:08, 20 April 2014 (UTC)

Cinemas listed in Doug Taylor's book[edit]

Cinemas listed in Doug Taylor's book
primary name alternate names notes
Rio Theatre (Toronto)
York Theatre (Toronto)
Kent Theatre
Capitol Theatre (Toronto)
Victoria Theatre (Toronto)
Hollywood Theatre (Toronto)
Circle Theatre (Toronto)
Odeon Fairlawn
Odeon Hyland
Biltmore Theatre (Toronto)
Willow Theatre
Downtown Theatre
Island Theatre
Savoy Theatre (Toronto)
New Onaka Theatre
Allenby Theatre
Allen's Danforth Theatre
Grover Theatre
Palace Theatre (Toronto)
Prince of Wales Theatre (Toronto)
Oxford Theatre
Odeon Danforth Theatre
Bonita Theatre
Greenwood Theatre (Toronto)
Crown Theatre
Eastwood Theatre
Rex Theatre (Toronto 1)
La Plaza Theatre
Imperial Theatre (Toronto)
Family Theatre
Teck Theatre
La Reta Theatre
Blue Bell Theatre
Cameo Theatre (Toronto)
Bayview Theatre
Birchcliff Theatre
Golden Mile Theatre
Pickford Theatre
Rivoli Theatre (Toronto)
Avon Theatre (Toronto)
Odeon Theatre (Toronto)
KUM-C Theatre
Parkdale Theatre
Orpheum Theatre (Toronto)
Beaver Theatre
Duchess Theatre (Toronto)
Apollo Theatre (Toronto)
La Salle Theatre (Toronto)
Royal Theatre (Toronto)
Brock Theatre
King Theatre
Garden Theatre (Toronto)
College Theatre
Playhouse Theatre (Toronto)
Odeon Toronto Theatre
Madison Theatre (Toronto)
Allen's Bloor Theatre
Doric Theatre
Alhambra Theatre (Toronto)
Esquire Theatre
Kenwood Theatre
Paradise Theatre (Toronto)
Odeon Humber
University Theatre (Toronto)
Oakwood Theatre
Christie Theatre
St. Clair Theatre
Major St. Clair Theatre
Radio City Theatre
Vaughn Theatre
Avenue Theatre (Toronto)
Eglinton Theatre
Nortown Theatre
Adelphi Theatre (Toronto)
Lansdowne Theatre (Toronto)
Hillcrest Theatre
Mayfair Theatre (Toronto)
Mount Dennis Theatre
Revue Theatre
Brighton Theatre
Grant Theatre

Theatres of Toronto - 1940 [1][edit]

  1. Academy Theatre
  2. Adelphi Theatre
  3. Alhambra Theatre
  4. Allenby Theatre
  5. Apollo Theatre
  6. Arcadian Theatre
  7. Aster Theatre
  8. Avalon Theatre
  9. Avenue Theatre
  10. Bayview (Fine Arts) Theatre
  11. Beach Theatre
  12. Beaver Theatre
  13. Bedford Theatre (A.K.A. Park Theatre)]]
  14. Bellevue Theatre
  15. Belsize Theatre (A.K.A. Crest Theatre, Regent Theatre)]]
  16. Beverly Theatre
  17. Biltmore Theatre *]]
  18. Birchcliff Theatre *]]
  19. Bloor Theatre
  20. Bloordale Theatre (A.K.A. State Theatre)]]
  21. Bluebell Theatre (A.K.A. Gay Theatre)]]
  22. Bonita Theatre (A.K.A. Athenian Theatre, Wellington Theatre)
  23. Brighton Theatre
  24. Broadview Theatre
  25. Broadway Theatre
  26. Brock Theatre
  27. Cameo Theatre
  28. Capitol Theatre (2294 Yonge St)
  29. Capitol Theatre (777 Lake Shore Rd)
  30. Capitol Fine Art Theatre *
  31. Capri (Midtown) Theatre *
  32. Carlton Theatre - Odeon *
  33. Carlton Theatre (511 Parliament)
  34. Casino Theatre
  35. Centre Theatre
  36. Century Theatre (A.K.A The Music Hall
  37. Chateau Theatre
  38. Christie Theatre
  39. Circle Theatre
  40. Classic Theatre
  41. College Theatre
  42. Community Theatre
  43. Coronet (Savoy) Theatre *
  44. Crescent Theatre
  45. Crown Theatre
  46. Danforth Theatre - Odeon *]]
  47. Donlands Theatre *
  48. Doris Theatre
  49. Downtown Theatre *]]
  50. Eastern Theatres Ltd (248 King E)]]
  51. Eastwood Theatre (A.K.A. India Theatre)]]
  52. Eaton Auditorium
  53. Eclipse Theatre
  54. Eglinton Theatre
  55. Elektra (Italia and Bellevue) Theatre *
  56. Embassy Theatre (A.K.A. The New Yorker Theatre)]]
  57. Esquire Theatre
  58. Fairlawn Theatre - Odeon *]]
  59. Garden Theatre
  60. Gerrard Theatre
  61. Glendale Theatre *]]
  62. Granada Theatre
  63. Grover Theatre
  64. Guild Theatre
  65. Hart House Theatre
  66. Hillcrest Theatre
  67. Hollywood Theatre
  68. Hudson Theatre (A.K.A. Mt. Pleasant Theatre)]]
  69. Humber Theatre - Odeon *]]
  70. Hyland Theatre - Odeon *]]
  71. Ideal Theatre
  72. Imperial Theatre
  73. International Cinema *
  74. Island Theatre, Centre Island *
  75. Kenwood Theatre
  76. King's Playhouse
  77. Kingsway Theatre
  78. Kum-C Theatre
  79. Lansdowne Theatre
  80. La Plaza Theatre (A.K.A. Cinema Ellas)
  81. La Reta Thatre
  82. La-Salle Theatre
  83. Loew's Theatre
  84. Madison Theatre
  85. Major Theatre (435 Rogers Rd)
  86. Major Theatre (1790 St Clair Ave) (A.K.A.Cinema Italia *)]]
  87. Mayfair Theatre
  88. Metro Theatre
  89. Midtown Theatre
  90. Mount Dennis Theatre
  91. New Grant Theatre
  92. New Strand Theatre
  93. N.E. Drive-In Theatre, Willowdale *
  94. Nortown Theatre *
  95. Oakwood Theatre
  96. Odeon Theatre (1473 Queen W)
  97. Oriole Theatre
  98. Orpheum Theatre
  99. Oxford Theatre
  100. Palace Theatre
  101. Paradise Theatre
  102. Paramount Theatre (1069 St Clair)
  103. Parkdale Theatre
  104. Parliamont Theatre
  105. Photodrome, The
  106. Pickford Theatre
  107. Playhouse Theatre
  108. Prince of Wales Theatre
  109. Pylon Theatre (A.K.A. Royal Theatre)]]
  110. Queen Theatre
  111. Radio City Theatre
  112. Regent Theatre (225 Queen E)]]
  113. Renne Theatre *]]
  114. Revue Theatre
  115. Rex Theatre (127 Lakeshore Rd)
  116. Rex Theatre (1130 Queen E)
  117. Rialto Theatre
  118. Royal Alexandra Theatre
  119. Royal George Theatre
  120. Royal Theatre (1483 Dundas W)
  121. Royal Theatre (1491 Lake Shore Rd)
  122. Runnymede Theatre
  123. St. Clair Theatre
  124. Scarboro Theatre
  125. Shea's Hippodrome
  126. Strand Theatre
  127. Studio (King) Theatre
  128. Theatre of Action
  129. Tivoli Theatre
  130. Towne Cinema *]]
  131. Twentieth Century Theatre
  132. University Theatre *]]
  133. Uptown Theatre
  134. Varsity Arena
  135. Vaughan Theatre *]]
  136. Victoria Theatre (A.K.A. Shea's Vaudeville)
  137. Victory Theatre *]]
  138. Village Theatre
  139. Weston Theatre
  140. Westwood Theatre (Opened 1951) *
  141. Willow Theatre *]]
  142. Wing Va (Melody, College Playhouse) Theatre *]]
  143. Yorkdale Theatre *]]