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This is a list of designated terrorist organizations by national governments and inter-governmental organizations, where the proscription has a significant impact on the group's activities.

This listing does not include states or governmental organizations, which are considered under state terrorism, or unaffiliated individuals accused of terrorism, which are considered under lone wolf terrorism. This list also excludes groups that might be widely considered terrorist by reliable sources, but who are not officially so designated according to the criteria specified above.


The term terrorist is widely used by the media and national governments to describe non-state actors in armed conflicts, yet it is controversial as it is used as an epithet by parties to a conflict. Organizations described as "terrorist" by detractors are often described by supporters as "freedom fighters" or "resistance".

There is no international consensus on the legal definition of terrorism, and many organizations that are accused of being a terrorist organization deny using terrorism as a military tactic to achieve their goals.

However, a number of national governments and inter-governmental organizations do publish lists of organizations they consider terrorist according to their own Anti-terrorist legislation.

Designating States and Inter-Governmental Organizations[edit]

We list a total of three (3) countries.

Designated terrorist organizations[edit]

This are all of the organizations listed by the States and Inter-Governmental Organizations listed above.

Organization Designated by majority Designations Tally
Judean People's Front
Symbol confirmed.svg
2 out of 3 listed
Peoples' Front of Judea [2] 1 out of 3 listed

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