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Guidelines for adding new entries[edit]

These are guidelines for adding new films to the lists. Following them helps the functionality and maintenance of the list.

  • The list is in alphabetical order, ignoring article, (e.g. "a", "an", "the", "le", "la", "les", "der", "die", "das", "il", "gli", "el", etc.), unless the entire title of the film consists only of those articles, or the word, as used in the title, is not an article, e.g. the word 'Die' in Die Hard would only be an article (and thus ignored) if the movie had been in German. This is why Das Boot appears in List of films: B, and A Clockwork Orange appears in List of films: C. In the rest of the title, ignore additionally minor words such as "and", "&", "in", "of". If such words are included, use the next word in the title for sorting purposes.
  • If the first word of the title (excluding an article) is a number, it is placed in List of films: numbers. If it is a "spelled" number, it is placed both there, and under the alphabetical entry. Thus 2001: A Space Odyssey would appear only in List of films: numbers, while Seven would appear both there and in List of films: S.
  • Entries should only be full articles, or film sections - i.e. films which are only covered in a separate section of the article linked as in: ''[[The Seventh Cross#Film Adaptation|The Seventh Cross]]''.
  • After the title, please include the year the film was released. The recommended way is as the example:
''[[Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story]]'' ([[2004 in film|2004]])
which displays: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)
  • For television films (this includes films that debut on television networks, not films being played on movie channels in syndication), after the film's year release, please include: ([[television movie|TV]]), like this:
''[[On Hostile Ground]]'' ([[2000 in film|2000]]) ([[television movie|TV]])
which displays: On Hostile Ground (2000) (TV)
  • Multiple titles of the same name should be listed where the year the film was released takes place of the title name. The title is listed once followed by a colon. Follow this example:
''Alive'': ([[Alive (1993 film)|1993]], [[Alive (2002 film)|2002]] & [[Alive (2006 film)|2006]])
which displays: Alive: (1993, 2002 & 2006)