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What is going on here?[edit]

This article contains only three things:

1. A link to "Arista Records"
That seems fairly normal.

2. A link to "List of former Arista Records artists"
3. A link to "List of current Arista Records artists"
That may seem to be fairly normal as well, but take a closer look and something strange happens.

Click on the link to "List of current Arista Records artists" and it takes you to the "List of former Arista Records artists" page, with a message saying "(Redirected from List of current Arista Records artists)".

That page has a link in a "See also" section at the bottom with a link to the "List of current Arista Records artists" page - clicking it simply redirects you straight back to the same page.

Why have an orphaned page called "List of Arista Records artists" that solely exists to link to another page, albeit one under 2 different names? Why have a page named "List of former Arista Records artists" that names (presumably) former AND current artists from Arista Records?

I'm not quite sure how/why this has happened, but the most logical thing to do seems to be:
1. Delete this page
2. Rename the other page "List of Arista Records", deleting the word "former", redirect from the word "current" and self-referencing link in the "See also" section

Or, alternately, to:
1. Transfer the information from the other page into this one (I'm not sure if there's some way to merge it or if copy and paste would have to do)
2. Delete that one and redirect any links that went to that page to this one

Bilorv (talk) 15:08, 12 January 2014 (UTC)