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Removed songs from List of songs in English labeled the worst ever[edit]

The following is a list of songs that have been removed from the aforementioned article due to a lack of sufficient reason for their inclusion.


Lean Back, Fat Joe (2004)

    • Obviously, this one was removed because of the fact that there was no citation. In fact, nothing was written about this all. Once we have a citation that shows that someone thinks this is, by some measure, the worst song, there will be no problem taking it back to the main page.


No One's Iller Than Me, Eminem (2000): The world's worst musician strikes again. This song features such lyrics as: "Ripped this old lady, hung her neck by a hook/Didn't realize it was my grandmother till I checked her pocketbook."

    • First of all, although opinions are something everyone is entitled to, there is no good evidence to suggest that Eminem is the world's worst musician. His music has created something of a backlash, particularly from those who want to protect kids from incidental adult knowledge, but there are many artists and/or groups that surpass him for that title by miles. Secondly, as bad as this tune may or may not be, it does not have a citation.